Revolutionary Gangsta Rap

Just the other day, I was tweeting about my love for Rick Ross’ new album “Teflon Don” when this interaction occurred: I didn’t mind the comment at all, instead, it triggered a further contemplation of “coke” aka gangsta rap for me.  I’m a person who takes pride in the fact that I don’t know every … Continue reading


Man Becomes King.  Girls Hear The Words and Transform to Queens – Mickey Factz Mickey Mickey Mickey.  I’ll be honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about dude until I saw him clowning around on Joe Budden TV one day.  I thought.. hmm…. “cute?” check. “personality?” check. “interesting?” check. “friend of mouse?” check. *Okayyy* (in … Continue reading

Bubbling! Artist Spotlight

 Have you ever stumbled upon a sound that you couldn’t stop reverberating in your brain?  Have you ever had to take a breath after listening to or discovering something so deep, it’s almost as if time stopped for that moment just so the worlds of the rhythmically structured sentences would collide with the ever-going dance … Continue reading