“Lasers” over Losers!

Album push-backs are the ultimate *SLAP IN THE FACE* to artists who spend countless time promoting, creating, releasing and leaking tracks to build anticipation.  Of course, record labels are the big heads behind these actions as well, but what happens when a label decides to let it… sit? Lupe Fiasco has been tweeting about his … Continue reading

Can You “Dig” It??!!!

I’ve always liked this little boy. Yes. I have. And I have to admit, I was quite jealous of him when I saw that episode of Run’s House when my (pretend) man Pharrell was skyping with him!  RIDICULOUS! But aside from the wonderful life of being privileged, he’s also a lovable, admirable figure for the youth … Continue reading

Introducing Roscoe Wiki

Roscoe Wiki is an upcoming artist from Pennsylvania, One entity of the Common Wealth Family. Like many other artists I’ve come across that I may not have, MySpace was my first encounter with him. I heard his song “I Wanna Be a Rap Star” and was hooked! Many people like to describe an artist by … Continue reading