Kim Versus Nicki:::Who’s In The Wrong? [Interview]

Recently, the internet has been buzzing due to the Queen Bee’s public denunciation of the Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Minaj. At first, I have to admit, I was a bit upset.  I’m a Kim fan, and I’m some-what into Nicki, but I thought it was all for a publicity stunt.  After hearing this interview with THISIS50, … Continue reading

First Girl on the Moon

They call themselves The Bangz. Siba (left) and Ella Ann (right). I’m new onto the Girl Riot scene, but I strongly believe they have a lot to offer the industry.  Upon their climb to the top through the Jerkin’ Movement, they have the distinctive quality to their group which includes both rapping (Ella) and singing … Continue reading

Loso’s Way {{{REVIEW}}}

More than likely, it’s mostly due to my taste in artists, but these past few albums I’ve reviewed have all contributed to hip hop what is lacking on the radio, television, and media revenues throughout the U.S.  Fabolous’ new album “Loso’s Way” is more than drugs and glory.. it’s love lost, love forgotten, money, cars, clothes, … Continue reading