Hip Hop Patrol: His name is CyMarshall Law

For those who may not know… CyMarshall Law Another artist I stumbled upon thanks to the (once) glorious Knitting Factory in Manhattan, NYC!  Cymarshall Law was born and raised by his Jamaican parents in the UK until they made the move to the US at his age of nine.  Just like any other move to … Continue reading

BubbLinG!: Artist Spotlight

Silent Knight emerged from the New Jersey Underground Rap scene. Brooklyn-born him & Tri-State raised him. And its evident in his music that his environment while growing up has played an influence on him. With his edgy, yet sublte, calm, yet explosive lyrics & style, you cant help but to be engaged in a non-stob throbbing, bobbing, and nodding to the beat as he flows with a steady pace, alarming rate…..