1st Stop: Brook Yung to Texas

I’ve been saying this for some time now… (although I haven’t voiced it here on Bubble yet…) AND YOU MAY QUOTE ME::: We need a Hip Hop Politics Tour that takes the best we’ve got to the worst they’ve got… and teach them something.  FIRST UP ::: Brook Yung needs to spit [literally, metaphorically] to … Continue reading

The Power of Words: From Literature to Hip Hop

OH TONI MORRISON!; HOW YOU TEACH THEE! If you’re unaware of the brilliance of what “is” Toni Morrison, then I suggest you do your research and make yourself a visit to a book store.  ( A library is acceptable, but most likely you’ll want to own these books ).  As of lately, I haven’t been … Continue reading

WHOM shall we charge for this CRIME?!?!

I regret to announce to you that “Common has become a victim of hip-poppery!  It’s a hypocrisy!!!” – HipHopGodess I’m not against new ideas, and new sounds….. but COTDAYUMMNNIT! I’m at a loss of words, and will speak no further on the subject…. POP THAT BUBBLE IF YOU DARE

Loso in case u aint Know-So

By far one of my favorite artists, I must say that I like almost any-and-just-about every thing that he does.  I’m anticipating his new album, “Loso’s Way,” and I’m feeling this new song.  LET IT BE KNOWN! that he did say UnLIKE what the video portrays, he’s in no way condoning shoplifting.  What he means … Continue reading