Before They Were Stars: Aaliyah

  Today marks the 9th year of the fatal airplane crash that lead to Aaliyah and 8 others death in the Bahamas after they filmed the music video for “Rock The Boat.” I decided to do a special “Before They Were Stars” in her honor. She truly was a talented individual with a big voice … Continue reading

Spoken Sunday: Zora Howard

Zora Howard is a Harlem native who is attending Yale University this year and is New York City’s first Youth Poet Laureate. Zora performed her poem “Bi-Racial Hair” when she was 13 years old at the Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam in 2006. It was the first poem I saw her perform and I … Continue reading

Thoughtful Thursday #19: Tommy Davidson

This is an old piece I had to bring back for the sake of topic… Tommy Davidson is a man mostly known for being a comical socialite.  Through acting and stand-up, Tommy Davidson made himself known as one of the top comedians throughout the country.  From In Living Color, and progression to the big screen … Continue reading

Spoken Sunday: Gemineye

Spoken Sunday is your dose of poetry. Whether it is written or spoken, from the known or unknown, the work feautred will enlighten you. The first feature of Spoken Sundays is Gemineye, also known as Christopher Andrew, who hails from Mount Vernon, New York. You may have seen him on HBO Presents Russell Simmons’ Def … Continue reading

Thoughtful Thursday: #20

Thoughtful Thursday is my new way of feeding your intellectual appetite!  From rappers (who you wouldn’t expect) to poets, choreographers and writers… I’ll be giving you something new each week.  FIRST UP is someone you wouldn’t expect, I know.. I know… He refers to himself as a “thug” just like many other rappers who therefore … Continue reading

Before the Cents became Millions [Old Skool 50 Cent]

Check Out this newly released video of a young 50 Cent… compared to now he DEFINITELY had more weight on him.. but not much has changed… Still cocky, still with the same flow, the same attitude, same swag… very much impressive.  Is it possible for anyone to have missed this talent?  Also included in the … Continue reading

“I Could Never Lose”

Some inspiration for the uninspired… If I get dressed to this song for the next month, I’m sure I’ll have accomplished a year’s worth of work! L.O.V.E IT

What Would You Do?

Classic Hip Hop/R&B… it would be crazy if they came back out… I think music is lacking versatility now.. Do you remember when music countdowns would have inspirational songs with dance songs along side true life? For this purpose.. the throwback this week is City High: What Would You Do?   what would you do … Continue reading