Introducing Tracee Owo

Tracee Owo, a Nigerian-American singer-songwriter and model from DC is releasing her first promo single, “LayAway” with Kapitol Productions.  Pleading against the trials that come along with a complacent lover, Tracee (who both wrote and arranged the song herself,) proves her talent through both her vocals and lyrical skill that will cling to any heart … Continue reading

All Miguel Wants Is You

Miguel is a fresh breath of air to today’s R&B. He is not one to disappoint, if you are a true fan of R&B.

More About Nothing

I love Wale. I’m not just saying this because I’m from the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area. I love his lyrics, I love his hustle, I love his grind, I love the fact that he uses Go-Go music in his beats, I love how he meshes poetry and rap together again (he reminds me a lil bit of … Continue reading

The Glory

I remember watching Hustle and Flow, bopping my head to “Hard out here for a Pimp,” thinking: “Shoot, it must be hard”.  Coming to think of it though, any job is hard. In fact, to make it in any field and create a name for yourself is equally as difficult. How many people do you … Continue reading

HUUUH? Vado on Hot 97

Following up with Dipset, it’s only right to bring up Cam’Ron’s newest protégé … Vado.  If you haven’t heard him flood your radio Every Single Night, or didn’t have the chance to catch him at the XXL Event…. check him out below on Hot 97.  I can respect how the freestyle looks pretty much genuine… … Continue reading

First Girl on the Moon

They call themselves The Bangz. Siba (left) and Ella Ann (right). I’m new onto the Girl Riot scene, but I strongly believe they have a lot to offer the industry.  Upon their climb to the top through the Jerkin’ Movement, they have the distinctive quality to their group which includes both rapping (Ella) and singing … Continue reading

Can You “Dig” It??!!!

I’ve always liked this little boy. Yes. I have. And I have to admit, I was quite jealous of him when I saw that episode of Run’s House when my (pretend) man Pharrell was skyping with him!  RIDICULOUS! But aside from the wonderful life of being privileged, he’s also a lovable, admirable figure for the youth … Continue reading

Some’n Like History…..?

It’s only a matter of time before that’s determined… but for now, as I’m waiting for Cashtro Crosby’s “Crosbyfication”.. (i thought it was originally “Cashtrofication?” hmm….) Good thing he’s dropping teasers all around. Along with his web series, he recently dropped a new freestyle “Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)” He added this little doo … Continue reading


Man Becomes King.  Girls Hear The Words and Transform to Queens – Mickey Factz Mickey Mickey Mickey.  I’ll be honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about dude until I saw him clowning around on Joe Budden TV one day.  I thought.. hmm…. “cute?” check. “personality?” check. “interesting?” check. “friend of mouse?” check. *Okayyy* (in … Continue reading

Cashtrofication : Do U Have It?

Not only is he one of my favorite twitter personalities, but he’s easily soon to be on my top ten favorite up-and-coming list! Usually, i’ll FIRST introduce to you a new artist, but I think he does so pretty damn well in this video… he has new music coming, and im impatiently waiting… you should … Continue reading