WHOM shall we charge for this CRIME?!?!

I regret to announce to you that “Common has become a victim of hip-poppery!  It’s a hypocrisy!!!” – HipHopGodess I’m not against new ideas, and new sounds….. but COTDAYUMMNNIT! I’m at a loss of words, and will speak no further on the subject…. POP THAT BUBBLE IF YOU DARE

It’s So Coooold in the D!

Things just aren’t looking up for Chuck Hammy! (and I call him that because i like it, not because i consider it as a diss…)  I mean… I like him!  I guess I’d call myself a half-way fan… and I even respect him for not hitting ol’ girl back!  But this may be the FIRST … Continue reading

Last Moments of one of Hip Hop’s Best

I truly do wonder why this video is JUST now surfacing… i wouldn’t know for sure, but it does seem that there could be a POSSIBILITY that some incriminating evidence could be found within this video… that is if the FEDS gave a Flying-F-50 to put the pieces together…  It’s a small taste of the … Continue reading

Bubble Popped!: Eminem vs Bruno

MTV SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER It may have been originated as a joke, but anyone could see from this photo that this was plain disrespect… Tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, during one of the infamous skits and taunts to the celebrity-filled crowd, Bruno (aka Borat) landed directly on top of Eminem, cheeks exposed back-to-front and … Continue reading

New York Goes to “WorK”… again…

I know sometimes it’s best to just IGNORE things like this.. but I can’t help it. This new line of Celebrealities is simply amusing to me. It’s possible that they have the better end of it all… They don’t make as much money as real celebrities, but they get the same amount of exposure….