Assata Speaks

If you are unaware of our political warriors who have been in the struggle for equal rights and treatment in the United States throughout history, open your ears and eyes to at least this one.  Personally, I’ve heard of many in the past, but never knew the full length story of their battle until I … Continue reading

Window Seat : Erykah Strips Your Mentality

    Before I add my own opinion as to what I believe Erykah is critiquing in her newest video… I’d like to open it up for YOUR THOUGHTS POP THAT BUBBLE FOR THE EXPERIENCE………..  

The Power of Words: From Literature to Hip Hop

OH TONI MORRISON!; HOW YOU TEACH THEE! If you’re unaware of the brilliance of what “is” Toni Morrison, then I suggest you do your research and make yourself a visit to a book store.  ( A library is acceptable, but most likely you’ll want to own these books ).  As of lately, I haven’t been … Continue reading

Cassidy’s Spiritual Message to Troops

“You should love God more than you like cash///Livin a fast life will bring  a end to your life fast” Why do I love Hip Hop? One of the main reasons, iF NOT tHE main reason, is the feeling it has the power to evoke.  The spiritual feeling; upbringing.  Although i stumbled upon this video … Continue reading

Reach Out A Hand

Off at the 137th Street stop at City College, I found my destination. Home to the applauded organization of In Arms Reach, I spoke with the founder of the Harlem-based incorporation, Terrence Stevens. We sat in a conference office at City College University of New York, where his organization resides, and he began to tell … Continue reading

Open Letter to the Warriors of Chicago

If you haven’t heard about the rising crime rate around the US, now’s the time to wake up.  In Chicago, amongst the worst to suffer of business closings and house foreclosures, crime is on the up at a devastating rate.  With the latest news surrounding the murder of an innocent 16-year-old bystander, Derrion Albert, it … Continue reading

Alfamega apologizes for the misguidance of Gangs

Everyone has that moment in time when they realize the way they’ve been living is wrong… I wish more songs like this would be released… It’s a heart-felt song that came from his inner soul, about how he taught his own seeds the way to gang life… Now being older, he sees his faults, and … Continue reading

Hip Hop Knowledge

For this week’s 5th Element… I present to you KRS One’s “Hip Hop Knowledge”… listen and understand… fYi… the Stop the Violence campaign was re-ignited in 2007…

Mos Def on Bill Maher

Back in March, Mos Def was on Bill Maher’s show, who’s known for his liberal ideas and yet seems to clash with a lot of his black guests in opinion.  I think that just goes to show the difference between what’s on the minds of the lower class versus everyone else.  I’m not trying to … Continue reading

5th Element: Tommy Davidson drops… knowledge?

It wasn’t until recently (since this video) that I have began looking at comics by-way of their knowledge, and how they choose to present it to us… Granted, some do not present it at all, but if you look through the works of Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, and so on and so on, they’ve taught me a thing or two about life and the realities it presents….