All Miguel Wants Is You

While attending a free concert in Queens (thanks to SummerStage) featuring Ryan Leslie, I was introduced to R&B newcomer Miguel. Miguel is a singer/songwriter from Cali who co-wrote Musiq Soulchild’s #1 single “If U Leave” and also worked on Usher’s albums Here I Stand and Raymond V Raymond. He performed his debut single “All I Want Is You” which features J. Cole and a possible next single titled “Quickie.” We were given an album sampler of his debut album titled “All I Want Is You” which comes out this September. Besides his single that’s already out, the sampler features 4 tracks, “Sure Thing,” “Quickie,” “Go (You & Me),” and “I’ll Still Try.”

Pop That Bubble For The Sampler Review

& A Peek At His Newest Video

The sampler opens with “All I Want Is You” which is a mid-tempo song that features Hip-Hop newcomer J. Cole. Miguel sings about wanting his old girl back since she left and how the other girls don’t compare. This song has been on repeat since I have heard it.

The follow-up track “Sure Thing,” which was supposed to be his first single, is a slow-tempo song that reassures his girl that their love is a sure thing. He opens saying, “Love you like a brother/Treat you like a friend/Respect you like a lover.” Then he lists different analogies and correlates them to him and his girl. It’s a very cute song and I can see it being played whenever there is a doubt in a relationship, just for reassurance.

“Quickie” is a raunchy mid-tempo song that gets straight to the point of telling the one he lusts after “I don’t wanna be loved/I just want a quickie” and he goes on to say “Knock on this wood/Get rocked by this thunder.” This song shows off Miguel’s flirtatious/bad boy style and is sure to make the ladies yearn for more of him.

“Go (You & Me)” is another mid-tempo song where a plan is proposed to get away from everyone else. “Cause I just wanna be with you/And I don’t care what they say/We can run to the sun and forget this place/Cause they’ll only tear us down if we stay.”

“I’ll Still Try” is my favorite song and I absolutely adore the lyrics. This mid-tempo song will make all the ladies say, “Awww,” because we all want a man that will cater to us when we’re having a “down” day. “Cause when you’re feeling low/I just want you to know that I/Still think you’re beautiful and I/Still think you’re wonderful though I/Though I’m still just a man/And I’ll never understand/I’ll still try”

As a new face to the mainstream, Miguel is a sigh of relief that R&B is not all about sex, but about love, making a woman feel good about herself and a man who knows just how to do it. Miguel is a fresh breath of air to today’s R&B. He is not one to disappoint, if you are a true fan of R&B. He also shed some light on how he wants people to feel/think when they hear his music: “I want them to say ‘Thank Goodness!’ I want them to feel like this is what they been wanting and this is what they’ve been waiting for. It’s so new and so different. I know there’s a place for it. I know there’s a market for it. People will hear it and feel like it’s so different yet still relatable.”

If you haven’t seen or heard “All I Want Is You” I have it here for your viewing pleasure.

And since he’s album doesn’t come out until September, I have the link to download his mixtape he dropped last year, which is titled Mischief: The Mixtape. Mischief: The Mixtape

—Bubble Thoughts by @TarnishaLaShell

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