Thoughtful Thursday #19: Tommy Davidson

This is an old piece I had to bring back for the sake of topic…

Tommy Davidson is a man mostly known for being a comical socialite.  Through acting and stand-up, Tommy Davidson made himself known as one of the top comedians throughout the country.  From In Living Color, and progression to the big screen in movies such as Ace Ventura, Strictly Business, Booty Call, and Juwanna Mann, he became a popular figurehead in the art of comedy.  He remains to be an active actor on and off the screen (i.e. in voice-overs for his cartoon show The Proud Family).

What many don’t know about him is how well-informed he is of history… true history.  The history that isn’t written in public school books.  The ones you have to have the patience to understand and the expansion to accept as truth when its proven.  Below is an interesting encounter he has while schooling the interviewer on a few ancient facts…. take a gander and pop a line after the bubble for some rare knowledge…. and if you find yourself interested, I dare you to learn more!

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