Thoughtful Thursday: #20


Thoughtful Thursday is my new way of feeding your intellectual appetite!  From rappers (who you wouldn’t expect) to poets, choreographers and writers… I’ll be giving you something new each week.  FIRST UP is someone you wouldn’t expect, I know.. I know… He refers to himself as a “thug” just like many other rappers who therefore are consequently written off as simple bangers, gangsters and even heathens… But really, we all have a story and we all have a heart.  I’ve decided to start a Top 20 List (in no particular order) of the MOST Thought-Provoking Pieces of Art that I’ve encountered.

For Beginners, let’s take it back to Trick Daddy. Known as the original Miami-Dade-County-born, Southern-Anthemed, Slip-N-Slide Golden Ticket Holder, Trick made the south known at a time when the East held the crown.  Alongside protege Trina, Trick populated radio stations with southern slang songs such as “Nann N***a,” “Shut Up,” “In da Wind,” and “I’m a Thug” selling over 3 million records nationally.

Recently, there’s been a decline in released material from the rapper, following his public announcement of his battle with Lupus last March.

“I stopped taking any medicine that they was giving me,” Trick told DX, “because for every medicine they gave me I had to take a test or another medicine every thirty days or so to make sure that medicine wasn’t causing side effects ᾢ dealing with kidney or liver failure…I just said all together I ain’t taking no medicine.”

Trick was told by his doctor to alter his lifestyle in ways he has found difficult to do. “We ain’t gon’ ask that question,” Trick gently replied when asked if he had stopped smoking ᾢ an activity that can expedite the appearance of skin lesions. “Just pray for me. Help me help myself so we can help others.”

The thing many people fail to remember is that rappers are people too.  Kanye has a twitter.  DMX has an addiction.  Trick Daddy has a disease.  We’re all human.

Trick’s most heartfelt single to date remains to be  “Thug Holiday” from his fifth, critically acclaimed album of the same title.  Featuring Latocha Scott (formerly of Xscape), he speaks on politics, degradation, poverty and the downfalls of the street life.  It’s nothing new for rappers to have songs every now-and-again that sheds light on these issues, but it’s just something about his delivery in this one that gets me…  Enjoy below. ..and remember to keep him in your prayers.

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