Word to the Media: “It’s Not That Serious”

Since Eminem’s latest video for “Love The Way You Lie” premiered, (which features Rihanna on the track,) the media has been talking out the side of their necks in regards to the pop star.  Featuring actors Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan as an abusive domestic violent couple, reports are saying that Rihanna is glamorizing domestic violence by being a part of the song.  They go the extra mile stating the video does not make the message of the song any better, with audio/visuals of violence, shoplifting, fire, Eminem’s explicit lyrics and Rihanna singing “That’s alright, because I love the way it hurts.”

The media took this one a little overboard in my opinion.  In NO WAY does this video glamorize domestic violence. It shows the raw realness that people in those kind of relationships deal with. The video displays the good, the bad and the downright ugly truth of the matter; how some couples go from a good moment to a bad moment all at once. It also shows how some couples choose to stay in violent relationships; how after a while it simply becomes comfortable, a routine.

Showbiz should hop off Rihanna’s back for goodness sake. An artist can and should do what they please on a song. Why should Rihanna continue to play her role as a victim? Can’t she sing a hook on a song because she wants to and not feel obligated to turn it down because it has to do with her past?  Showbiz Tonight has their panties in a bunch if you ask me and should calm down and stop causing drama.  But don’t let me persaude you, be the judge for yourself. Watch the video HERE and share your opinion on the matter below.

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