More About Nothing

More About Nothing

I love Wale. I’m not just saying this because I’m from the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area. I love his lyrics, I love his hustle, I love his grind, I love the fact that he uses Go-Go music in his beats, I love how he meshes poetry and rap together again (he reminds me a lil bit of Tupac mixed with earlier Kanye), overall I just love him as an artist…and it doesn’t hurt that he reps the DMV too. Anywho, he’s a personal preference of mine as a rapper but that’s beside the point of why I’m writing.

So today, August 3rd, Wale’s More About Nothing mixtape dropped. Ironically, it’s a lot about something with 21 tracks on it for you to listen to. Wale is more of a laidback (and quotable) rapper, I feel that he represents the DMV’s sometimes chill and breezy way of life. Although Wale’s songs have gotten mainstream attention, I don’t think he’s been fully accepted into the mainstream scene like his peer Drake has because he’s underrated and Drake has clearly received all the hype, but again this is all my opinion.

Before I get into the tracks, check out the album cover. I think its dope and clever. If you didn’t notice the extra person to the far right of the cover it’s Wale. If you’re wondering why Wale used the TV show Seinfeld as his album cover, it’s because in the prequel mixtape The Mixtape About Nothing Wale used the show also. So it was only right to use it again for his follow-up and also he samples the show in his mixtape. So why not give credit when credit is due, right?

Wale starts off the mixtape with “The Problem.” At first it’s Wale giving you some spoken word and then he switches to rapping. He acknowledges the fact that he knows that he’s underrated, “I’m on top of my game but these niggas won’t acknowledge it.” It gives you insight into how Wale feels after Attention: Deficit dropped.

“The MC” was originally written for Jay-Z in mind, but Wale backed out in pitching it to him because he didn’t think Jay-Z would listen to him. Either way it’s a dope track and it suits Wale better. “MCing aint dead but the scenery different.”

“The Soup” is about respect he still has although he has been over looked in mainstream music. “Respect is like food/What it do/I’m eating real good nigga/No soup for you.”

“The Breeze (Cool)” which features Pittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa is that chill, laidback song. I can vision people listening to this song while smoking or cruising the streets being chill. It’s title suits it so well, that I really don’t have to go into a description.

On “The Friends N Strangers” Wale talks about how his friends are his enemies. “I keep my friends close but my enemies on a leash.”

“The Numbers Won (Competition)” is a nice listen. Wale talks about losing connection with his brother/friend and his girl. “When you strive for perfection/Desire gets confusing you can lose your direction.”

Wale dedicates “The Eyes Of The Tiger” to all the married people. He uses Tiger Woods’ words throughout the track. Wale puts his opinion on the Tiger Woods cheating scandal through the eyes of Tiger himself. When I first heard what the track was about, I have to admit I rolled my eyes and thought Oh boy, another Tiger Woods song. But it’s not what I thought it would be like (I was comparing it to Maino’s song “Tiger Woods”), it’s actually a nice listen with an intellect twist to it.

“The War” is about a fight in a relationship. I honestly listened to the first few words of this song and I instantly liked it. It’s a good song. “I just want to be at peace with you/If I gotta settle for a piece of you/Then I gotta say peace to you.”

“The Break Up Song” samples Stevie Wonder’s (or Tammi Terrell’s since she did the original) “All I Do Is Think of You.” The song is Wale’s thoughts after breaking up with a girl in a relationship. It’s only 2 minutes and 15 seconds, which I am mad about, but I like every second of it.

“The Work (Workin)” is Wale’s song that he basically talks about himself on, because he talks about his work/his hustle/his grind. I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s a narcissistic tune, but that’s the whole gist of the song. It does have a nice beat to it, if that reassures you into listening to the song.

“The Black N Gold” is an upbeat celebratory song that I really like, because throughout the song it samples the beat from “It Takes Two” by Rob Base.

“The Manipulation Pt. 2” has a spoken word feel to it, that I really like. Wale speaks about treating his woman like a queen. And then mid-way through the song Wale switches his attitude about the woman and starts rapping. At first I was thinking this was a beautiful song until he goes in about the girl just coming over to sex. But it’s a good listen regardless.

The “KD Interlude” is basically the intro to the next song “The Posse Cut.” It’s not something you HAVE to listen to, so I give you permission to skip this track because I did.

“The Posse Cut (Who Don’t)” is a go hard song and it basically says “Don’t f**k with me.”

“The Guilty Pleasure (No Hands)” features Roscoe Dash and Wacka Flacka Flame and it’s a club song or for me a song that I loudly bump obnoxiously in my car. When I saw who was on the song, I immediately knew that this wasn’t anything serious with the “party starters” on the track. The song is about strippers sliding down the pole with no hands, but it’s a song I can see myself dougin’ to. And I think it’s funny that Wale titled this The Guilty Pleasure, because this song has become one of my guilty pleasures.

“The Trip (Downtown)” is a mellow song expressing how he can get a girl.

I absolutely LOVE the track titled “The Ambitious Girl.” The whole track is dope and a must listen (especially for the ladies), but the one line that caught my ear is when Wale said, “I love the person that you are but I’m in love with the person you have potential to be.” It has a spoken word feel to it, so don’t expect any hooks on this track that you can sing to. But on the other hand, you have Wale speaking the truth so the fellas should pay attention and be on the look out for an ambitious girl and ladies should strive to be one. 

“The Motivation (Be Right)” is an uplifting kind of song that you need to listen to in the morning and it puts your mind in the right place. “I know the world gets cold and the days get long/And the sun don’t shine and your mind just wanders/Why me? I say it cause we number/1that’s why we get up in the morning/It’s gon’ be alright.”

“The Cloud” is about weed and getting high. The only accompaniment is a guitar so it has this MTV Unplugged feel to it. It’s nice.

“The Power” features Avery Storm who sang on Rick Ross’ song “Here I Am.” Anyways, this song is a good listen and has a good message to it. I especially like the chorus, it sets the mood for the song.

On the last track of the mixtape, “The Get Away (Fly Away),” Wale simply puts that he’s speaking his mind. It’s a listen to just chill to and it has a catchy singable hook to it. It’s a nice closure and you can see how it is the conclusion/solution to the first track “The Problem.”

My Top Songs (In Case You Cared)

1. The Ambitious Girl

2. The War

3. The Guilty Pleasure

4. The Motivation

5. The Black N Gold

6. The Manipulation Pt. 2

7. The Break Up Song

This mixtape is fire and once you pop that link for a listen you can clearly see that Wale is underrated. Enjoy: More About Nothing Mixtape by Wale FYI: When you download the mixtape it has the 21 tracks listed twice, the second repeat of the tracks plays not the first.

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