Before They Were Stars: Jazmine Sullivan

Definitely jumping on to what my girl Tarnisha started doing, I also thought it would be interesting to spotlight an artist before they were famous, and see truly just how far they have come. Not only in terms of stardom, but also in terms of progression of their voices, their technique. In some cases, some have stayed the same, and others have just evolved. The artist I am choosing to showcase today is a woman that inspires me to sing. Her voice is so unique and proves that there is still true talent in the music industry. Many people only know her as the girl who sings “Need You Bad” or “Bust Your Windows”, but way before her album “Fearless” came out, Jazmine Sullivan was turning heads with her amazing voice at the tender age of 11.

I think the video speaks for itself. This is complete proof that flawless talent is something that you are just born with. I feel more homage should be paid to Jazmine Sullivan for just having that raw, natural gift. Now, I leave you with a personal favorite: “Lions and Tigers and Bears”.


One Response to “Before They Were Stars: Jazmine Sullivan”
  1. Darkowaa says:

    OMFfffffffffgoodness! At that age! wow….shes is and will always be amazing! love her.

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