Nas Talks Kelis, Drake, and Working With Kanye

I’m in love.  I’ve been in love with this man since 1999.  I was 9 years old.  Mind you, I speak of this love in the same way Common speaks of H.E.R.  The feeling is mutual.  Nas has been the epitome of hip hop to me for years now… but that’s a personal opinion that many of you probably could care less about.

The exciting news I have is about his solo album.  In a conversation with the UK’s Hip Hop News vet, Timothy Westwood, Nas not only revealed his thoughts on Drake and the possibility of working with Kanye, but also why his solo album will be his best yet, and an exclusive answer about his failed marriage with Kelis.  Nas candidly speaks on his beliefs and why he believes their love turned for the worst.


Part I

Part II

Coming from his dual project with Reggae Royalty, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, entitled “Distant Relatives,” Nas remains on tour for promotion of the album.  Be sure to check him and Damian out in a venue near you before it wraps up!  And if you happen to buy tickets for the BK performance next weekend… hook a sister up??? 😉  Where’s that Kelis alimony when you need it? smh.

One Response to “Nas Talks Kelis, Drake, and Working With Kanye”
  1. MIke says:

    Nas is by far one of my favorites. His flow and his wit is completely unique. There is not a never will be any emcee like him.

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