“Lasers” over Losers!

Album push-backs are the ultimate *SLAP IN THE FACE* to artists who spend countless time promoting, creating, releasing and leaking tracks to build anticipation.  Of course, record labels are the big heads behind these actions as well, but what happens when a label decides to let it… sit?

Lupe Fiasco has been tweeting about his next album, “Lasers” for almost a year now.  With the afore-posted official tweet by the rapper himself, it’s a wonder why there is no scheduled release date.  But I’ll tell you why!

I’m a big time believer in conspiracies so it’s pretty plain obvious to me that the “Dumb It Down” rapper has said some things that the label isn’t too fond of.  Or perhaps they’re just more focused on other artists who they feel are guaranteed radio play?  I mean, if I were a money-hungry executive who had no intentions of uplifting a great people, I would throw that classic shit away too… (SERIOUSLY, he’s one of the VERY FEW ATLANTIC ARTISTS whose full catalogue isn’t available to listen to on Myspace Music).. but I digress.  Whatever the cause, enough is enough. Lupe is someone who speaks for the people.  He tells the truth.  It may not be in your terms, or even in your preferred way of learning, but he teaches.  He makes music you can sing to, laugh to, cry with, and learn from.  I don’t mean to say that in only religious terms, either.  Lupe Fiasco has inspired a generation because of his unique style, delivery and message.

Well, I’m done complaining and so are nearly 9,000 other people (to date).  Sign the OFFICIAL “Release of the Lasers Album Petition” to Atlantic Records HERE, and use your internet skills for something worthy.  Plus, I need to see that cutie in a new video PRONTO.  My computer screen is just screaming for some of that 2010 intelligent beauty!

I mean… don’t we need a bit of both of this on the radio?

I think I’m Big Meech… Larry Hoover… Whipping Work… Halleluiah

-Rick Ross; “B.M.F”

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