The Glory

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I remember watching Hustle and Flow, bopping my head to “Hard out here for a Pimp,” thinking: “Shoot, it must be hard”.  Coming to think of it though, any job is hard. In fact, to make it in any field and create a name for yourself is equally as difficult. How many people do you know professions are: rapper/singer/songwriter? Yet, they’re virtually unheard of no matter how great their talent is?

Behind these unknown wonders stands the league of artists that are highly underrated. One such underrated artist is Ryan Leslie– the multi-tasking artist as I like to call him. Priding himself on not only writing his own music, but creating the tracks all on his own; from the piano to the soft auto-tune to the layering of voices, he does it all on his own. Now, in this day and age of hiring the best engineers, producers, and backup singers, Leslie proves that true ambition and true talent can still be found.


On July 14th, SummerStage held one of its free concerts in Springfield Park in Queens of NYC. I arrived and thought, “Damn, sure aren’t that many folk out here”. I’m pretty sure had it been a Jay-Z or a Drake or even a SouljaBoy show, the park would have been completely crowded. Little by little, though, the park started to get fuller, and as the DJ Dee Wiz hit the stage blasting hits like ‘Poison’ and ‘It Takes Two’ I was ready to get down.

Ryan Leslie took the stage after up and coming artist Miguel who’s known for his radio hit “All I Want Is You” featuring J. Cole. Once Leslie was on, there was non-stop energy coming from the stage. I was in awe at how much I could see the passion he had through his mannerisms, through his dancing, through his manipulation of the songs. The man…to say the least, is an amazing performer. He left no songs left unsung, and serenaded the crowd for a good hour and a half. By the end of the concert, I had mixed feelings. I was happy because I had been able to be up close watching an amazing performer do what he does best, but I was upset because I wanted more people to embrace his art. But like he said himself in his new track, ‘The Glory’,

“I have these kids looking at me like what a shame, damn he’s so underrated, he should have had his own record with his own tour”

And indeed its true, he has to “spill his guts to get the glory.”

—Bubble Thoughts by @_MissBossman_


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