Cashtro’s Crosbyfication

This past April, Cashtro finally dropped his mixtape, “Crosbyfication.”  Due to the single tracks I’ve heard from him, I was curious as to how effective his style would transpire over a complete project.  As an artist who openly reps Pittsburg, PA and Ottawa, Canada, it was no surprise that these settings came into conversation throughout his LP.  What I did find interesting, though, was the influence his time in NY had on him.  These three locales created for a great mixture of sounds, infusing three different aesthetics into one, making for an interesting project in all.  My first and fore-most favorite song from the LP has to be “Hypno Nympho.”

“This that hynpo nympo/roll a red bull with the indo/chillin wit my kin-folk/all my girls be nymphos/brim-low/pittsburg check my info/stay wit a Missy like Timbo/”

If you like to shamelessly bop to music, or if you’ve ever secretly danced to that great awful dance called the “diddy bop” (of course, coined by Diddy,) you’ll most likely love this song too.  It’s one of his strongest songs, from delivery to production; it’s definitely a club joint and I may just add it to my playlist for my birthday (hey!).  In line of my top five, I’d have to say my second-most favorite.. though very close to appreciation.. is “Always Gliding.” Cashtro released this song earlier in the year before the complete LP dropped, and I haven’t gotten enough of it since.  The beat produced by, and featuring Vic Da Northstar, fits the title perfectly as its smooth sound soothes the ears and Cashtro’s comedic and emphasized caricature-esque voice in addition to Vic’s singing makes a perfect mixture for a chill-back record.  Kinda makes me wish I was laying down on a huge, green lawn, drinking lemonade, simultaneously downing a few doritos.. (Ok.. I miss the South, but you get the point.)  “Story of My Life,” featuring Hollywood Floss, Dolla and God Jewels, “Alley Oop,” and “NY Cool,” are my following 3 top songs.  He proves his ability to switch up his flow and his little attempts to sing almost reminds me of Drake… although, I have to admit, I’d consider a vocal training if ever an attempt to do more than the basics come into mind. 😀  All-in-all, as  a first drop, it’s a decent album.  It’s a cool album to vibe to when chilling around or just vibing to one’s self.  There’s still a lot of room to grow and I’m looking forward to witnessing the progression.


What’s Your Thoughts?  Is It Truly Bubbling, OR Would U Declare It Popped?

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