First Girl on the Moon

They call themselves The Bangz. Siba (left) and Ella Ann (right).

I’m new onto the Girl Riot scene, but I strongly believe they have a lot to offer the industry.  Upon their climb to the top through the Jerkin’ Movement, they have the distinctive quality to their group which includes both rapping (Ella) and singing (Siba).  Though reminiscent of the group TLC and the artist Missy Elliot, as well as other women in the industry who dove into both categories, their music also stands alone.  Catering much to the young, dance-craze of our generation, I surprisingly have a strong liking to their style.  I see the possibility of growth and evolution in their work–especially within their song “First Girl on the Moon”–and most evidently through the recent trauma they’ve endured…. pop the bubble for more exclusive & some music

Most recently, they’ve been faced with the task of surviving and overcoming a life-altering event.  Mid-September, 2009, Ella Ann was shot and left comatose in the hospital for months.  Initially, it was feared that if she did survive, she would live the rest of her life as a vegetable.  As time progressed, she was able to beat the odds of death. Her boyfriend, KC, explained the situation in its entirety to  Today, she is going through physical therapy, and is expected to fully recover.  Her story is not only one of a true talent almost lost, but a true miracle in the lives of her friends and family.

Upon her recovery, Siba has continued to support Ella while also holding down their dedicated fans at the same time.  With the two continuing ahead, and Ella facing the real possibility of being deprived of health care once her May 11th birthday comes around, making her 21 years of age, (when does this Health Care Reform Bill kick in, again?)  Despite the life-threatening task to make sure Ella continues to receive the best treatment, I whole-heartedly believe that things will soon be on the up-and-up… and for them, there’s really no where else to go as of now.

Their music is a treat.  Not only is it fun, but in reference to tracks such as “First Girl on the Moon,” it’s also very refreshing. The lyrics have not ceased its utterance through my thoughts since the first listen. Initially, I only focused on the original version. Once I heard the “rebirth version”, including Lil Wayne, things became a bit clearer. I heard this beat before. Produced by Justice League, Lil Wayne’s song “Runnin” off the Rebirth album early February this year (2010); the two themes resonated with each other. On their Youtube channel, they write that their version was recorded “before we knew Lil Wayne had scooped up the same beat.” Great minds think alike, indeed. The song is a great motivational song. Perfect for any study session…unless you know all the lyrics like I do 😉

Take a listen and support the two if you like.


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