1st Stop: Brook Yung to Texas

I’ve been saying this for some time now… (although I haven’t voiced it here on Bubble yet…) AND YOU MAY QUOTE ME::: We need a Hip Hop Politics Tour that takes the best we’ve got to the worst they’ve got… and teach them something.  FIRST UP ::: Brook Yung needs to spit [literally, metaphorically] to Texas….

How many times has our history been disregarded?  How long will it take for the little black boys and girls to learn about their selves in class?  Why is it that Black History Month was the ONLY month I could expect to hear about what Black people did for this country?  When will OUR history be considered  a part of AMERICAN history? IT’S 2010 FOR THE LOVE OF TRUTH!

It’s 2010… and we’re still having this debate.  Amazing, really.  Just this past week, members of the Texas Board of Education held a meeting for approval of the new social studies, history and economics curriculum.  This new curriculum was specifically designed to cater to the far-right community of Texans………..(read more)

According to the Huffington Post, they’re going so far as to cover Judeo-Christian influences of the “fore-fathers” while ignoring the reasons why Church and State were favored to be separated in the past.  Students will be taught that the U.S. is ran as a “constitutional republic” rather than a “democracy;” disavowing the belief system of reform and change in what is supposed to be our government.  Another interesting subtraction from the educational books is the importance of the emergence of the Hip Hop culture for the Black & Hispanic communities of America.

The voters have decided to erase the requirement of learning the influence of Hip Hop on society, declaring it as a “non-cultural movement.”

What dictionary have they been reading?  What would you define as “cultural” Mr. Right-Winged Texan Man???  Even the most simplistic definition of ‘cultural’ describes it as  “of or relating to the arts and manners that a group favors” (Princeton) AND THAT’S IN LAYMAN’S TERMS!!!

How is it justifiable to even SUGGEST Hip Hop is not a cultural movement?  Was it not birthed from the Civil Rights Movement?  Did we not create Break-Dancing, and Scratching?  Freestyling and Rapping?  Graffiti and Politics?  Did we not call for a Stop to Violence?  Police Brutality?  Poverty?  Are we not the creators of ALL of the popular dances?  Slang?  Songs?  SUBJECTS OF TOP SELLING MOVIES???

More importantly, are the children of Hip Hop not from the same blood line from the ancestors who carry Wall Street on their backs, bodies buried under the concrete?  Who picked cotton for the “founders” of this country, gaining them wealth beyond any other nation?  Who shed blood so their children’s children wouldn’t have to call another man “Massa,” work for no pay, sleep with no sheets, eat with no taste, cry with no sound, and not only birth but love a child after being raped and left fatherless?

Without US there would be no History.  There would have been no thriving ECONOMY.  WE ARE THE SOCIAL STUDY.

Are you aware?

@Brookyung2010 said it best…

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  1. Wow, that is really a good article and it really breaks things down for our younger generation. I am linking this website from my facebook account.

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