Can You “Dig” It??!!!

I’ve always liked this little boy. Yes. I have.

And I have to admit, I was quite jealous of him when I saw that episode of Run’s House when my (pretend) man Pharrell was skyping with him!  RIDICULOUS!

But aside from the wonderful life of being privileged, he’s also a lovable, admirable figure for the youth because he’s humble… I can’t say for sure if he realizes the EXTENT of “the good life” he lives [[[“the way I’m appearing, I did it without my parents”]]] but what can you say?  Not only does he has his own lil’ fly appearance & style going on, he’s coming out with his own line of shoes and clothing too.  (Come on.. what 14 year old has the ability to do all of this without overwhelming financial help?)  But that’s not the point(read more)

The point is this:::ALL OF YOU RAPPERS NEED TO WATCH OUT!  Not only did Diggy drop a freestyle, he dropped a video along with it.  His flow is out of this world and his lyrical skill is spectacular.  Given his age.  And also given his age, (14) he cannot be denied.  He basically just put a huge STAMP on the rap game and in 4 to 5 years time, he has a top spot calling his name… well… I won’t get too ahead of myself… he still has a way to go in developing his own style and image, but he’s doing it on his own pace, and gracefully.  I had to watch this video about 3 times before making a comment because I was so blown away.  Big Ups to him. (Not to mention he used the beat for “Made You Look” which gives me license to show love to the greatest emcee to ever do it! NAS!)



Vodpod videos no longer available.


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