Jill Scott Speaks On The Misunderstood

“We daughters of the dust were seen as ugly, nappy mammies, good for day work and unwanted children, while our men were thought to be thieving, sex-hungry animals with limited brain capacity.” It’s often a title of “bitterness” or “jealousy” when a woman of African descent express her dislike or disapproval of interracial relationships between … Continue reading

Window Seat : Erykah Strips Your Mentality

    Before I add my own opinion as to what I believe Erykah is critiquing in her newest video… I’d like to open it up for YOUR THOUGHTS POP THAT BUBBLE FOR THE EXPERIENCE………..  

1st Stop: Brook Yung to Texas

I’ve been saying this for some time now… (although I haven’t voiced it here on Bubble yet…) AND YOU MAY QUOTE ME::: We need a Hip Hop Politics Tour that takes the best we’ve got to the worst they’ve got… and teach them something.  FIRST UP ::: Brook Yung needs to spit [literally, metaphorically] to … Continue reading

Brooklyn’s Biggie

Brookyln celebrated the memory of Hip Hop Legend, Biggie, this past Tuesday night at the popular Bed-Stuy club “The Lab.” Marking the anniversary of his death nearly 13 years ago, hundreds came out to show their Brooklyn pride for the loved artist. The party seemed…. entertaining, if nothing else! With additional features of Fabolous and … Continue reading

The Power of Words: From Literature to Hip Hop

OH TONI MORRISON!; HOW YOU TEACH THEE! If you’re unaware of the brilliance of what “is” Toni Morrison, then I suggest you do your research and make yourself a visit to a book store.  ( A library is acceptable, but most likely you’ll want to own these books ).  As of lately, I haven’t been … Continue reading

Can You “Dig” It??!!!

I’ve always liked this little boy. Yes. I have. And I have to admit, I was quite jealous of him when I saw that episode of Run’s House when my (pretend) man Pharrell was skyping with him!  RIDICULOUS! But aside from the wonderful life of being privileged, he’s also a lovable, admirable figure for the youth … Continue reading

“I Could Never Lose”

Some inspiration for the uninspired… If I get dressed to this song for the next month, I’m sure I’ll have accomplished a year’s worth of work! L.O.V.E IT