Cassidy’s Spiritual Message to Troops

“You should love God more than you like cash///Livin a fast life will bring  a end to your life fast”

Why do I love Hip Hop?

One of the main reasons, iF NOT tHE main reason, is the feeling it has the power to evoke.  The spiritual feeling; upbringing.  Although i stumbled upon this video before the Haiti Earthquake/Tragedy, I find his message in this video even more moving than before.  I haven’t been keeping up much with what Cassidy has been doing, but obviously, whatever it is he’s into, he’s keeping hip hop alive wherever he goes.  Kudos to him.  He’s definitely bubbling.  And so I share with you, what he chose to share with some of the Army Soldiers of Iraq….


Thoughts and Prayers to all those affected by the Haiti Earthquakes

May your spirits be awakened and your angels be on your side

May those who were taken make it to Heaven’s Gates by sunrise

Everyone, Everything, Every being heals with time…..


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