“chuck hammy is !BACK!”

My excitement is far beyond words.

If you follow me on twitter, you would know why.

In the past month or so, Charles Hamilton has been sporadically popping up into my curiosity.  Especially with this new year, and my contemplation on “whose year” this is, as so manypeople say.  Charles Hamilton’s talent is undeniable.  And after his hiatus following the chin-check incident with his girl, the J.Dilla catastrophe with Detroit (the city!), AND being dropped by Interscope Records all around the same time-frame…. I’ve been worried about him.

Then, I thought, there’s no way this cocky sum-ma-ma will just give up on rap because of a few set backs.  Of course it took him some time to get over his slump.  But I’m proud to say he’s back.  And hip hop is better with him.  Troublemaker or not.  The one thing that’s for certain is that he’s been misunderstood.  Now, he’s setting the record straight.

The title is “Normalcy” but he’s far from normal.  He shows off his lyrical skills and proves why he’s a standout.  He’s more cocky, more witty, more lyrical, and more confident.  From the intro “New Music” throughout, he doesn’t disappoint.  It’s what I’ve been waiting for.  And if you don’t know.. it’s what you’ve been waiting for too.

Enough Said.


One Response to ““chuck hammy is !BACK!””
  1. Nice article. Yea I not 2 long ago got wind of sum charles ham n been in luv wit this niggz rhymes eva since. Didn’t really kno 2 much history bout him so goo looks on statin sum of the stuff he’s been through n all that. My friend says he has a new charles ham mixtape…(hope he’s referrin 2 this 1) so far all I have is the pink lava lamp 1 n dat shit is official. Keep up the good work sweety…good article

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