aRe yoU Ready to “Love Again”?

The Southern Hummingbird is Back.

I’ve been waiting for her soulful chirping for some time now.

Off from her hiatus, she has more confessions to release, more questions to express, and much more humanity to bless our thirsty souls with.

I’m interested in what’s been going on with her for the past few years, and what’s sprung her return. So… look forward to some answers 😉

for now…. pop that bubble for Tweet… 2010

PS… Tweet is now tweeting !!!!! ——-> @TheRealTweet71

What’s the Verdict? Is Tweet Bubbling???

One Response to “aRe yoU Ready to “Love Again”?”
  1. O wow tweet is back? I was wonderin wat happened 2 her. Neva really gave her much of a chance cuz I was kinda young when she came out so I didn’t really appreicate otha genres of music besides hip hop back then but I’ll definitly take a listen 2 her this time around thanx again swetty 4 bringin anotha artist who doesn’t get that much attention sum spotlight

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