Some’n Like History…..?

It’s only a matter of time before that’s determined…

but for now, as I’m waiting for Cashtro Crosby’s “Crosbyfication”.. (i thought it was originally “Cashtrofication?” hmm….)

Good thing he’s dropping teasers all around.

Along with his web series, he recently dropped a new freestyle “Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)”

He added this little doo wop to it.  I thought it was (yet again) another perfect intro for him, so I figured to share it instead of doing a write up on him myself… I’ll save that for the tape release & my review 😀

“With My Birthday coming Up at the end of January (I’ll Be Legal Like a regal lol), I’ve been doing alot of thinking about life, Music, & where it’s going for a while now… The Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC) is something Like All My emotions since I been Back N Forth From Pittsburgh, New York City,(Bronx to be exact) & Canada…

Now go on ‘head and DOWNLOAD HERE

Bubbling???!!! You be the judge.

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