Man Becomes King.  Girls Hear The Words and Transform to Queens – Mickey Factz

Mickey Mickey Mickey.  I’ll be honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about dude until I saw him clowning around on Joe Budden TV one day.  I thought.. hmm…. “cute?” check. “personality?” check. “interesting?” check. “friend of mouse?” check. *Okayyy* (in Wiz Khalifa voice).. then i gotta check him out.

That had to be around May or so.

Today, I call myself a fan.  Mickey Factz has something about him that just screams success. .. and I’m not talking about radio success, cause.. well.. who really wants that anymore? (yes, i get that its every artist’ dream to be popular on radio, but radio just doesnt represent majority anymore. believe it or not… but thats for a later blog.)

First things first – the voice.  If your voice is too squeaky, too weak, too “hard” (with the exception of Ross), or too bland (which is one of the things that has held me back from falling in love with Kid Cudi), then it’s over for you…. in my book, at least.  You would not be labeled “bubbling.” #FACT

Second- the content.  Yes, I can dance to the big booty hos.  I throw around my coins to the making money tracks.  I even pretend to be gangsta when I’m listening to the shoot em up bang bang.  But one thing I can’t do is continue to listen to you, if you don’t give me more.  I need more.  I need to know that you.. … … THINK.

Third- the flow.  You can have all of these qualities, but if your flow is off.  So are you.  And you will not find the likes of your name in my iTunes!

Verdict=he’s the total package.  He talks about life.  The life he lives, and not the life people expect him to live.  He makes me think.  And allows me to wonder.  And question.  All the things that are lacking in creativity today.  So thank you Mouse for the introduction.  Good thing you two are nothing alike, that way I don’t have to compare.  But who cares about comparisons anyway?

The future is coming, you stuck in a fad – Mickey Factz

With that being said, DOWNLOAD HIS NEW EP HERE, and smile

Also, follow on twitter @MickeyFactz

One Response to “#ALPHA”
  1. 1 time 4 mickey facts. I fuxxx wit dude definitly bout 2 download sum more of him 2night. Only thing I can’t agree wit u on is the whole kid cudi thing. I feel his voice is smooth kind of soft. His album surprised the hell out of me but then again I didn’t kno wat 2 expect when his 1st single was “day and night”. Back 2 the point mickey is def the package rapper.

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