Cassidy’s Spiritual Message to Troops

“You should love God more than you like cash///Livin a fast life will bring  a end to your life fast” Why do I love Hip Hop? One of the main reasons, iF NOT tHE main reason, is the feeling it has the power to evoke.  The spiritual feeling; upbringing.  Although i stumbled upon this video … Continue reading

“chuck hammy is !BACK!”

My excitement is far beyond words. If you follow me on twitter, you would know why. In the past month or so, Charles Hamilton has been sporadically popping up into my curiosity.  Especially with this new year, and my contemplation on “whose year” this is, as so manypeople say.  Charles Hamilton’s talent is undeniable.  And … Continue reading

Maybe I’m Bias….

But this dude can do no wrong to me. Some people feel like he’s an immature, confused, hurt, misguided, loud-mouth….. but i just find him to be… himself.  Human.  What some people don’t get is that Budden isn’t a “regular” rapper that likes to make catchy songs about ice, money, and hoes.  He’s what I … Continue reading

aRe yoU Ready to “Love Again”?

The Southern Hummingbird is Back. I’ve been waiting for her soulful chirping for some time now. Off from her hiatus, she has more confessions to release, more questions to express, and much more humanity to bless our thirsty souls with. I’m interested in what’s been going on with her for the past few years, and … Continue reading

Some’n Like History…..?

It’s only a matter of time before that’s determined… but for now, as I’m waiting for Cashtro Crosby’s “Crosbyfication”.. (i thought it was originally “Cashtrofication?” hmm….) Good thing he’s dropping teasers all around. Along with his web series, he recently dropped a new freestyle “Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)” He added this little doo … Continue reading


Man Becomes King.  Girls Hear The Words and Transform to Queens – Mickey Factz Mickey Mickey Mickey.  I’ll be honest with you, I knew absolutely nothing about dude until I saw him clowning around on Joe Budden TV one day.  I thought.. hmm…. “cute?” check. “personality?” check. “interesting?” check. “friend of mouse?” check. *Okayyy* (in … Continue reading