From the Streets to the Vatican

Earlier this week, the Vatican released their top 12 favorite songs for a new edition to Myspace’s Music page.  Amongst the Vatican’s choices of Mozart, Pope Benedict XVI, and Dame Shirley Bassey rests the surprising addition of the first American ever to make such a list — hip hop’s own Tupac.

“This came as such an amazing surprise – it’s not something I would have ever thought possible,” says the late rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur. “I give thanks every day, knowing Tupac’s words and music continue to have such an incredible effect on people worldwide. My son was always striving to reach out to as many people as he could, and he changed the world in doing so.”

Just the other day I remember debating Tupac’s best song with a friend, and this was easily chosen as mine.  Others differed, but obviously I was pretty much on point here… I mean… I have the Vatican to back me up!

All jokes aside, Tupac was inspirational for more than the personality we all grew to love, but the heart that backed up his thugged-out appearances.  He was more than an artist and more than a revolutionary.  He contradicted himself, and he backed up his beliefs in the same lines.  He was human.  And this song has to be one of the most honest songs ever written– from rap to country, from poetry to novels, from abstracts to scholarly journals.  It’s beyond me that even the Vatican had the ability to see the humanity and realism through his voice, embedded in his lyrics.  This is definitely a great day for hip hop… Maybe some things do change… with time.

3 Responses to “From the Streets to the Vatican”
  1. shalese says:

    Love this article, keep it jazz mwahz!

  2. monarc7 says:

    Ok, ok, let’s restart the debate. Is the vat God to be so important in decisions? Just their agreement makes not you on point.

    For me Changes is good but deciding on the best is illusory at best. Pac made phenomena when he wasn’t even tryin’. I like ‘Starin thru my rearview’, ‘Until da end of time’, ‘My block’, ‘Thugz mansion’ which are all posthumous and of doubtful composition. Before death, I like ‘Shorty wanna be a thug’, ‘Wonda why they call u bitch’, ‘Dear mama’, ‘If I die tonight’, all of ‘Me against the world’, ‘Papaz song’, ‘Brenda’, etc.

    But I can’t say any is objectively best unless we use a sorta criteria but for a man like Pac, he beat the usual criteria in like every song.

    Aside that, let’s keep the Thugz Mansion bumpin ad infinitum like Until da end of time wants.

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