Hey DJ, Keep Payin’ That Song!

Radio is known as the necessary playground for all aspiring artists. It may not determine who the best are but it certainly dictates who is popular.   As of now, radio has a few different ways of determining who gets played the most. The first is by demand. The second way is by the deejay’s … Continue reading

A ‘Stache for a Stash

What is a mustache to you? A figure of patriarchy? A reminder of your thirst for milk? A symbol of world dominance? For two friends, it was the focus of one simple bet: “Who could grow the best mustache in a month?” said Jeff Matthews, founder and coordinator for the New York Chapter of Mustaches … Continue reading

From the Streets to the Vatican

Earlier this week, the Vatican released their top 12 favorite songs for a new edition to Myspace’s Music page.  Amongst the Vatican’s choices of Mozart, Pope Benedict XVI, and Dame Shirley Bassey rests the surprising addition of the first American ever to make such a list — hip hop’s own Tupac. “This came as such … Continue reading

Cashtrofication : Do U Have It?

Not only is he one of my favorite twitter personalities, but he’s easily soon to be on my top ten favorite up-and-coming list! Usually, i’ll FIRST introduce to you a new artist, but I think he does so pretty damn well in this video… he has new music coming, and im impatiently waiting… you should … Continue reading