Alfamega apologizes for the misguidance of Gangs

Everyone has that moment in time when they realize the way they’ve been living is wrong… I wish more songs like this would be released… It’s a heart-felt song that came from his inner soul, about how he taught his own seeds the way to gang life… Now being older, he sees his faults, and … Continue reading

Slaughterhouse National Single : “The One”

I already told you all about them, and I’m such a big fan I don’t want to continue blabbing on… So here’s their first national single… Actions speak louder than words… “The One”… (It’s pretty radio-friendly too)… ?What Do You Think About It? ?Is It Bubbling or Is it Popped?

Michael Jackson Home Movies With Janet Jackson

This video is so heart-warming that I just had to share it.  Home Videos of Michael Jackson with Janet, Katherine, Joe, and Macauley Culkin. RIP Michael.  I’m sure these videos will hurt Janet a while in memory, but in the end, she will always be thankful to have such great documented time with her older … Continue reading

? The Return of G-Funk ?

His name is Red. In the early 1990s, he had dreams of taking his natural talent of G-Funk and California Soul, creating what most now hear as the artificial use of “Auto-Tune.” He goes on to incorporate it with Beat-Boxing, creating the most authentic, original sound you’ve possibly ever heard. After being turned down from … Continue reading

Lemme Put U On to B.O.B.

Honestly, I’m not sure HOW you could have gone through life without knowing of Bobby Ray aka B.O.B. yet… but I suppose it’s possible…  He’s one of the newest members of T.I.’s Grand Hustle with conjoined affiliation to Atlantic Records.  He hails from Atlanta, Georgia and undoubtedly holds the “southern twang.”  BUT his voice, his lyrics … Continue reading

Look Out For the “Renovator” : Priscilla Renea

If you’ve heard the name before, it’s because she’s among the few “music stars” of YouTube who have grown a huge fan-base off of personality and home-made videos alone… I first stumbled upon her about a year or two ago, and I was hooked. Her songs are original, her voice is unique, and her talent … Continue reading

Maxwell and his BLACKsummers’night [REVIEW]

“I Can’t Control The Feeling…”   The most beautiful intro to an album: Maxwell and his angelic adlibs… “Bad Habits” is a mellow song that takes you to another world, and is the perfect entrance into the mind of Maxwell.  It lifts from slow to mid-tempo, forcing a reason to dance, with the ever-so-present sound … Continue reading

Michael Jackson on Oprah

I longed to see the footage of Michael Jackson on Oprah, because actions always speak louder than words… but since it’s literally erased from the world wide web, the second-best is to have a script… And it’s pretty easy imagining Michael’s voice and his reaction, along with Oprah’s interaction with him… I love them both … Continue reading