Loso’s Way {{{REVIEW}}}

Fabolous Loso's Way

More than likely, it’s mostly due to my taste in artists, but these past few albums I’ve reviewed have all contributed to hip hop what is lacking on the radio, television, and media revenues throughout the U.S.  Fabolous’ new album “Loso’s Way” is more than drugs and glory.. it’s love lost, love forgotten, money, cars, clothes, the past, the future, the club, the bedroom, the block corner AND the corner of your room when you just wanna be left alone!  So far, I’d have to claim it my favorite Rap album of 2009 – (given that Nas and Damien Marley has yet to drop:)  Like any album, I have my favorites and my not-so-favorites, but honestly, by the last track I had to re-name my favorite ones because I liked them all so much.  Pop the bubble for the full review>>>


To begin, the intro is artistically driven.  Beginning with a strong theme of paparazzi and news reporters… the entire album makes sense with one question: “What do you have to say about the way you’ve been treated throughout your career?”  And a few of the bars in his response is “Let’s talk about how i’m killing everthing i’m touching/ and how i walked in the game with no crutches/No Diddy, No Dupree, No Dr. Dre/No Cash Money from Baby/And no ROCs from Jay” — enough said.  And he’s still doing his thing… and from the album, I hope he gets all the love he deserves.

My favorite tracks begin with his newest single, “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” featuring Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie.  Great independent anthem and club banger, for sure. 

“Money Goes, Honey Stay (When the Money Goes)” is a great song featuring Jay-Z on the hook, about the ups and downs of trying to find someone who will be with you through it all- good and bad, poor and rich. True Life.

“Salute” featuring Lil Wayne probably has the sickest beat on the entire album next to “The Fabolous Life” of which I’ll get to later.  This song, with a military theme along with the wonderful sounds of what reminds me of a college band and a pimped out drum major creates an atmosphere like no other.  The lyrics, the theme, and the sound all mesh together for a harmony of it all.  Loso’s delivery is flawless, and one of my favorite verses from him on the entire album.  Lil Wayne’s verse is mediocre to me, but it’s good– doesn’t quite live up to Fabolous’, but I guess that’s ok since its not his album 🙂

“”My dogs will bite you, and guess who’s the nigga leash//I was once told by my nigga Meech…//you feed a sucker, he just grow to be a bigger leech//so nigga everytime u hear mine, get ur hand to ur hairline—general//”

“There He Go” is an ok song.  Featuring Red Cafe, it’s basically your usual “I’m So Fly” type of them.  Well delivered.. but nothing special in my opinion.

“The Fabolous Life,” on the other hand, has a crazy beat that only Loso could pull off.  When I first heard the beat with no accompaniment during the first 10 seconds or so, I was a bit nervous and thought I would have to give Loso his first “POP” on this bubble of an album.. but in the end, this song is basically one of the hottest.  Featuring Ryan Leslie, Loso performs a great delivery, flow, theme, and clever punchlines along with this animated beat. This bubble is blowin in full capacity!

Makin Love feat. Ne-Yo  & Last Time feat. Trey Songz ………. enough said. What more could you want?

He provides more with “Pachanga” about the fall-outs from changes in relationships…

” A thug changes, and Love Changes, And Best Friends Become Strangers… Pachangas”

Though these last few are definitely my favorites of the 16-track album, “Stay” featuring Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry is my favorite of all.  It’s the intimate songs, the heart-felt ones that touch me the most.  This track expresses the neglect he felt from his father, and how, now, being a father, he’s working to correct the past… ” This year I became a father, and I’mma die being one.. ‘Whatsup son?’ “


in all honesty, This Album is so far beyond BUBBlING, it’s flying already…

It’s a definite banger in any stereo.


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