Delirious 4 Vistoso

Introducing Vistoso Bosses

Introducing Vistoso Bosses


I’ve been following the Vistoso Bosses for a year or so now… they’re the cutest duo of life-long friends made up of two young ladies —> Taylah P and Kelci. Recently, they’ve both graduated high school, and now they’re embarking upon their career.  They don’t consider themselves R&B, or Hip Hop, but simply Pop. Though I have to admit their style is a mixture of all three. They have a very unique style, not only with production from ColliPark, but through their looks, their style, their lyrics, and last but not least their name, [Vistoso] which means “gorgeous”… So to be a Vistoso Boss is to have the qualities of staying lady-like but keeping a compsure as a force to be reckoned with… They began their quest early in high school, making their own tracks, exposing themselves on YouTube, and publicizing their artistry on their own throughout Myspace and Georgia.  They have all of the great qualities that young girls need in role models and more… Now they’re the newest acts on Interscope Records, and have the backing by the popular ColliPark of Atlanta.

Pop that Bubble For Their Premiere Official Video “Delirious” feat. SouljahBoyTellEm & More on the upcoming group!


FOR MORE ON THE GROUP>>> visit >>>




2 Responses to “Delirious 4 Vistoso”
  1. Brandice says:

    They are cute, a little too bubble gum for me. However, they do have great style and voices.

    My final Theory: They will definitely be a hit among the younger generations.

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