Twista Damages the Rap Scene [REVIEW]


Category F5 Album Review

Category F5 Album Review


The infamous Chi-Town tongue-twisting artist Twista has just released his seventh solo album “Category F5.”  The intro to the album with the first track “Misunderstood” featuring Buk describes the F-Scale of tornadoes and twisters from F1 to F5.  F5, being the most destructive, is a perfect metaphor for the impact that Twista’s quick-multi-syllabic rhythmical scheme has on an audience once heard.  I can’t call this album similar to anything else, and I am a fan of it, though I do have my reserves about a few “common” themes… Pop the bubble to

The scene is set up from the first song and as “Misunderstood” goes back and forth between Buk and Twista. Buk does the song justice, but once you hear Twista’s voice, he comes in completely dominating the beat, and you already know it’s going to be a great album.

R.Kelly returns from his hiatus on “Yellow Light”.  He sounds like his normal self, with no auto-tune, and sounds as if he has let go of his “rap” phase..  This song is definitely for the ladies and another favorite for the fellas.. I would’ve chose it over “Wetter” because the classic R.Kelly and rhythmical genius Twista adds a great relaxed flavor to the track (one of my favorites).

“Wetter” is the infamous single.. it took me a while to like the song until i heard it in the club.  Sometimes i have to remind myself that songs about sex are ok.. it’s just that sometimes it goes too far and feels more derogatory and disrespectful than anything else… and although he says some racey things on here.. it’s more classy than most…plus.. everyone’s out for radio-status these days..

“Billionaire” featuring Busta Rhymes is the typical song about money… although the beat is sick which claims it as a definite club banger, im tired of hearing about other people’s money and how they’re getting it, (personally)… I won’t be knocking to that on a regular.. but I continue..

“Yo Body” features the group that Twista came up in, Do or Die, featuring the hook singer Johnny P.  I like the song a lot, but it lacks a sense of sensitivity such as the song with R.Kelly.. it seems more like a song men would sing about women when they’re not around.None-the-less, all of the artists on it are dope and it’s sure to tear up any club at the right timing. If i put my ethics aside, i like the song. (and i do that often when i get out of my critical zone…) I guess some songs just aren’t for the ladies :-/

“Hustla” has a dope hook. The Chi theme is still prevalent. Whoever sings the hook, you could almost mistake for lil wayne by the way he drags out his words, which i personally enjoy on most of his songs. (LOL)   Still, the song is ill.  For all the dope-boys, wanna-bes, or just someone like me who enjoys dope-boy music for whatever reason, its a favorite.  The same goes for “Wanna See Em’ Buss”.

“Gotta Get ME One” features the late Static Major (RIP).  The song is the best slow jam on the album.  (It’s an easy favorite for me because im working on a similar song after recently wondering what happened to all the slow jams in the club! — although mine will be r&b inspired) 🙂 

Out of the 15 or so tracks, I definitely can get down with over half of the album, which is a huge plus in this day and age of rap albums.  Twista gets two huuuge thumbs up… seven out of ten balloons… and the other three aren’t popped, they’re just waiting to be blown-up 🙂




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