Look Out For the “Renovator” : Priscilla Renea

Priscilla Renea of Power/Capitol Records

Priscilla Renea of Power/Capitol Records

If you’ve heard the name before, it’s because she’s among the few “music stars” of YouTube who have grown a huge fan-base off of personality and home-made videos alone… I first stumbled upon her about a year or two ago, and I was hooked. Her songs are original, her voice is unique, and her talent is undeniable. She plays her own instruments and her vocal instrument is even more impressive… In the footsteps of YouTube prodegies such as SouljaBoy and Esmee Denters, she decided on one of many record deals that came her way: Capitol Records. Sounds like a great choice to me! Pop the bubble for her first viralvideo, “Hello My Apple,” and see what all the hype is about:::

This isn’t my favorite song of hers, and personally I would’ve chose “I Fell In Love”..( http://www.myspace.com/PriscillaRenea )but the video is adorable… and only for promotional purposes… possibly too adorable for her age… but none-the-less it’s only for the net… I do love the song! Enjoy!


What Do You Feel About It?

Think Its Bubbling?  Or Popped?

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