Maxwell and his BLACKsummers’night [REVIEW]

Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night

Maxwell - BLACKsummers'night

“I Can’t Control The Feeling…”


The most beautiful intro to an album: Maxwell and his angelic adlibs… “Bad Habits” is a mellow song that takes you to another world, and is the perfect entrance into the mind of Maxwell.  It lifts from slow to mid-tempo, forcing a reason to dance, with the ever-so-present sound of the horn that successfully accompanies just about every song throughout the album.

The follow-up “Cold” is nothing less than the first.  The hand-claps evokes a spirit of participation and dance once again; the lyrics easily the favorite of many… an obvious choice for the soundtrack of getting ready to go out any day/night of the week.. “How can you be so cold?/Good God, the girl’s so cold/Got me on freeze for sho'”

“Pretty Wings” remains to be an unbelievable song.  It set up the anticipation for this album, and the rest of the songs did not let down… It’ll remain on repeat along with the rest of them, including “Help Somebody” which is undeniably my favorite track on this album because of the message of the song.  The lyrics are overwhelmingly inspirational.  I can imagine nothing more than walking down the street with this playing in my iPod, looking like a saint as I walk down the street, lending out money to the homelsess and helping the elderly cross the street.. this song does so much for the soul, I must commend him for it!

The continuation of the album slows down and builds back up with love songs such as “Stop The World” and “Love You.”  The heart-wrenching song “Fistful of Tears” will bring any men and woman to their knees, for those who have been hurt in the past, and can’t let go.  The words are amazingly written, portraying the downfall of many relationships… a lack of trust and a long list of fears… It’s definitely on my top 3 favorite songs of the album…

He ends with “Playing Possum” and “Phoenix Rise” which do not disappoint.  This entire album is truly a masterpiece and has been much-needed in the real of not only Soul and R&B, but music in general.  Every song is meaningful and worth all his words and more… You dance, you cry, you laugh, you reminisce.. All I can do is thank him for this treasure. I say : Go GET IT! I feel that it’s time we praise our legends NOW.. instead of waiting for their death to realize such a true gift we’ve been given on this Earth.

What You Feeling?

Do You Agree?

I SAY it’s BUBBLING!  How about U?

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