Loso’s Way {{{REVIEW}}}

More than likely, it’s mostly due to my taste in artists, but these past few albums I’ve reviewed have all contributed to hip hop what is lacking on the radio, television, and media revenues throughout the U.S.  Fabolous’ new album “Loso’s Way” is more than drugs and glory.. it’s love lost, love forgotten, money, cars, clothes, … Continue reading

What Would You Do?

Classic Hip Hop/R&B… it would be crazy if they came back out… I think music is lacking versatility now.. Do you remember when music countdowns would have inspirational songs with dance songs along side true life? For this purpose.. the throwback this week is City High: What Would You Do?   what would you do … Continue reading

Ears Are Ringing For Frank Bell

Frank Bell is a singer-songwriter that goes far beyond the title of his artistry.  From videos on YouTube to blogs on Myspace, his character and personality just burts through the confinements of the world-wide-web and sets you up to believe he’s just another friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while, but keep tabs … Continue reading

Delirious 4 Vistoso

  I’ve been following the Vistoso Bosses for a year or so now… they’re the cutest duo of life-long friends made up of two young ladies —> Taylah P and Kelci. Recently, they’ve both graduated high school, and now they’re embarking upon their career.  They don’t consider themselves R&B, or Hip Hop, but simply Pop. … Continue reading

Philadelphia Police Department’s Racial Ranting

Well.. well.. well, I continue to cover these stories because it appears that racist issues are one after another, continuously being thrown under the radar. To add this to my many other posts showing exactly how bad racial issues are getting in the United States, check out this video from CNN that covers the racial … Continue reading

? 17-Year-Old Hung in Louisiana ?

  This early July, 17 year old Marcus Phillips was found hanging from a tree in Louisiana… I have not heard much about this case, but what I do know is that it is still under investigation.  They have yet to rule out suicide, but close friends and family say that due to his character, not … Continue reading

Cee-Lo & Friends Only Ask For Happiness

Cee-Lo is back with a bunch of friends, helping him show some “Open Happiness”.   On this new track, he is accompanied by Travis McCoy, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie.  Pop the bubble on this video for the colorful smile waiting for you… I Like IT! What Are You Feeling? Is it Bubbling or … Continue reading

Twista Damages the Rap Scene [REVIEW]

    The infamous Chi-Town tongue-twisting artist Twista has just released his seventh solo album “Category F5.”  The intro to the album with the first track “Misunderstood” featuring Buk describes the F-Scale of tornadoes and twisters from F1 to F5.  F5, being the most destructive, is a perfect metaphor for the impact that Twista’s quick-multi-syllabic rhythmical … Continue reading

Mariah Carey Premiere “Obsessed”

Everyone believes the song is about Eminem… the character she portrays in the video could look similar to him, except for the beard.. but still MC says it’s not supposed to be him… I don’t know.. but either way, I don’t care. I think she should have done an impression of him because he should … Continue reading

Nas at Rock The Bells

I’ve been putting off writing ANYTHING about Rock The Bells because I’m BEYOND jealous of anyone who is able to attend… BUT none-the-less, my favorite RAPPER OF ALL TIME, yes i said it, OF ALL TIME, is one of the major acts, and I got hold of a piece of footage from his show…. more … Continue reading