Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

     It’s definitely NO understatement… when people speak of the King of Pop, it’s without a doubt our very own Michael Jackson they’re speaking of… It’s a sad day for not only the music world, but for the humanitarian world, for a world full of people who was not only influenced by Michael, but who and what Michael was influenced by…
     With all of the hardships he lived through, I think that it’s only fair that we focus on his great contributions to this world, because they are ten-times-fold more than we can speak of any accusations that may have been said against him in past years…
     As we memorialize the life of Michael Jackson, it’s important that we pay homage to what he has given us all. As a songwriter myself, his work, along with the late legend James Brown who was his inspiration, have inspired me to write beyond boundaries and beyond the norm…  He wrote songs about love, heartbreak, the economy, the Earth, self-discovery, self-improvement, and those unforgettable songs that you could turn on when you were ready to take on the world and anyone who may THINK of denying you ANYTHING (aka BAD!)  He’ll forever live on in memory and iPods around the world… We may never find another great entertainer who LITERALLY has dedicated their life to healing the world with their music.  May any pain he has ever experienced be of the past…
Thank You Michael Jackson… Thoughts and Prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time…for an MJ celebration!





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