RichGirl is Rich in Talent…. who knew?!

The first time I stumbled upon this group, I flipped the channel onto their premiere video that was embarking upon the second verse… I just couldn’t get into the song, and.. (like Elektrik Red) I wrote them off as pretty faces that couldn’t sing… But most recently, I was proven wrong… THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN SING… THEIR ASSES OFF AS A MATTER OF FACT!  Which may be why they will be opening for Beyonce’s “I Am” Tour… Proof is just a click away… (below)

Vodpod videos no longer available.










 So from here, I took another look at their premiere video, and I actually like it.  The song is catchy, but I do think that as the powerhouse of ballads that they are, they may want to re-consider their songwriting team OR (if they write theirselves)… CONSIDER GETTING ONE!  If they’re in need… I’d be glad to help out 😉  None-the-Less, the song is growing on me.. pop that bubble for it… i know you’re curious!


?Any Thoughts Bubbling Up Inside Ya?


?What Do You Think?

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