Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur

“Everyone’s afraid of the youth cause the truth look strange” – [Ghetto Gospel]

Everybody knows him… but who really knew him?  From his legendary/revolutionary parents (stepfather) Mutulu and (mother) Afeni Shakur, Tupac Amaru Shakur was just as revolutionary through his many talents stretching from poetry to acting.  It’s amazing that over 10 years has past and he’s still rated on the Top 5 Best Emcees Ever, he’s still rotating in CD decks, MP3s, iPods, and even those that cling on to their tapes of the decade past… Today he would be 38… I was only about 6 or 7 when he passed, and I know every song and every lyric without a beat… Tupac is the true meaning of timeless… pop that bubble for more of the true “Makaveli”

For those who may not follow the legendary Dream Hampton on twitter, I have to admit to you that last night I couldn’t get offline… She shared with all of her followers personal stories she, Big, and Pac shared together… check it out below, followed by a classic Tupac track!

(READ FROM THE BUTTOM UP— thats how twitter records 😉


  • Good Night and Thank You for Remembering with me. The further these memories recede, the more afraid I am they’ll wash away. Thx again.
  • Pac usually wore a vest. Me and Big were keeping him company before he went on a dinner date once. He wore it that night. And it was July.
  •  Pac always talked about dying early. Big talked about being a grandfather. Their murders are crimes against us all. We were robbed.
  • Pac, like an asshole, wld heat quarters w/a lighter and put it on your forehead if you fell asleep in one of his marathon recording sessions
  • When Pac died on my birthday, Big called me. I was mad at Pac for dying. Unreasonably angry.
  • When Pac got shot that last time, I called Big. We joked he’d be out before the nurse’s shift change.
  • Judge sentenced him that day, everything changed.
  • The night after Quad Big called me early 2 go with him 2 visit Pac @ the hospital. By the time we were ready 2 roll out he was on tv @ court
  • It’s wild there were rumors abt me sleeping w/Pac. He never once flirted. Once he told me I’d be cute ‘if i did my hair.’ Cornball.
  • Atlanta/those off duty cops was a wild situation. But Pac was right. [in Forrest Gump voice] That’s all I have 2 say abt that.
  • Pac came & got me outta jail in Marina Del Ray I had rental/no papers Barked on me ‘I’m the rapper. You’re the writer. I go to jail, not u!’ 
  • Once @ at a Shell on Sunset he went in 2 get Ls and got in a fucking fight w/a Crip. He tapped dude’s jaw. Clerk called the pigs. We peeled.
  • @ the Hughes Bros. trial I gave him a NY bootleg of Illmatic. He played it everyday. Judge barked @ him 4 blasting it in his headphones.
  • Me and Pac didn’t see eye to eye on the rape charge. Got into an argument @ Louise’s Pasta on Melrose that got so loud the mgr kicked us out
  • The boy from Oakland, a victim of a shootout killed him. The rape charge had him raging.
  • I went to six months worth of court dates with him. He had the rape charge. The Hughes Bros. assault and a dead boy in Marin County.
  • When I wrote a cover story on him for The Source in ’93 they gave it to me cuz no one was checking for him. They were NY centered. I-Detroit
  • First time I met Pac he gave me $300 for posters for the Black August show that year. It was everything he had in his pockets.
  • Big performed at the first fundraiser. South Oxford Tennis Club. Brooklyn.
  • Kweli, Mos, dead prez, Common, Badu, Banner-they’ve done shows for us over the years (this will be the 11th) to raise money for Mutulu/PPs
  • With MXGM, I helped coordinate Black August, a hip-hop benefit concert 2 raise funds for political prisoners in the U.S.
  • His stepfather, Mutulu Shakur, is still one of my heros. Former Black Liberation Army leader. Healer. In maximum security still #COINTELPRO
  • My earliest Pac memories involve organizing fundraisers for his stepfather’s legal defense campaign as a member of Malcolm X Grassroots Mvmt
  • Happy Born Day Pac. There will never be Another.



     R.I.P Tupac

    Happy Birthday

    You are always bubbling 😉

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