The Introduction of Marcus Cooper

Pleasure P Debut Album

Pleasure P Debut Album

This almost came from the left field for me… I’ve been into his song “Boyfriend #2” for some time now, but didn’t take the time to realize that he was releasing an album so soon.  So this week of release, I was very interested to see exactly what it is that he wanted to offer up to the R&B world.  With this new-age r&b, I tend to be more skeptical of purchasing in fear of it being a singing version of all the rap songs on the radio.  I was a fan of him in Pretty Ricky, and he’s really the reason why I bought their first album, so I thought “why not?” Least to say, I’m very pleased! POP THAT BUBBLE FOR A FULL REVIEW 

The 12-track album begins with a typical Pleasure P sound – highly sexual!  But the transitioning of the songs until the end is strategically placed that allows for a smooth listening, no need for a skipped track (which is what annoys me the most when listening to an album the first go-round).  “I’m a Beast” featuring Yung Joc is nothing special, but caters perfectly to the club atmosphere and a nice background to any driving destination.  I like the song, but it’s not the strongest on the album. 

Besides the obviously commercially-addictive “Boyfriend,” “Tenderoni” is sort of like the Part 2, but it’s slower, more intimate feel.  The story gets more complex, and is definitely another radio-friendly hit.  Following, “Under” completes the “pleasure” trend.  The sound is very soothing, relaxed, emotion is much more implemented within, and has to be my favorite from the first 5 tracks.  Everything is slowed down, and allows the chance to appreciate Pleasure P’s range.  “Let Me” comes afterwards, and the song is good and addictive, but it gets a bit repetitive because of the theme.  It may have been smarter to spread the sexual songs more around the album in its entirety because by this point, I was praying that the next would be different!

Luckily, it was.  “Gotta Have You” is guaranteed a favorite by many.  It tells the story that everyone can relate to: realizing what you’ve had once it’s gone.  The song is well-written and Pleasure P delivers it to a T.  When lyrics get as descriptive as in this case, it makes the song easier to relate to and the song uses this tool effectively. 

Saw you riding by wit your peeps/now you cant even speak/ is it really like that shawty?

“Did You Wrong” continues the flow, creating a steady story-line and is favored from radio.  “Your Love” is a re-make/re-write of Cheryl Lynn’s “Encore.”  For those who DO NOT listen to older r&B/soul music may not recognize the chorus, but it’s very noticeable and effective for the song.  He does a great job in re-appropriating it for this generation.  I’m really glad that this isn’t another classic song butchered!  I thank him for that!

“Fire Lovin” is yet-another sex song, but its a great follow-up to the previous because it stays in the slow, classic, soul/r&b vibe… but is very original because it mixes with the new r&b sound due to the fast-paced verses.  “Birthday Suit” is nice but skippable once you get used to the album.  There’s better songs!  Such as “Illusion” and “Dream in the Air” which are perfect closures to this album.  








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