Hip Hop Patrol: His name is CyMarshall Law

For those who may not know…

CyMarshall Law

Cymarshall Law

Cymarshall Law

Another artist I stumbled upon thanks to the (once) glorious Knitting Factory in Manhattan, NYC!  Cymarshall Law was born and raised by his Jamaican parents in the UK until they made the move to the US at his age of nine.  Just like any other move to the States, you can only imagine it was for “the land of the free & opportunities.”  It may have been true, as Cymarshall grew his love for hip hop once within the United States.  Building his characteristic voice and placement in the hip hop world, in 2003 Cymarshall won an Emcee Battle at Tower Records POP THAT BUBBLE FOR MORE INFO, HIS LATEST VIDEO & AN INTERVIEW

  judged by the platinum recording artists Black Eyed Peas.  His voice is unique, his story-lines are flawless and I personally enjoy his humor.  I was drawn since my first concert with him: you know when you get so involved, you put on ur mean-mug, you rock back and forth and grunt from time to time?  Well, that was definitely my experience… and I loved it!  He’s shared many-of-stages with the likes of KRS-ONE, Smif-N-Wesson, Bootcamp Click, Sean P , Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Wordsworth , The Last Emperor , Jean Grae, and Immortal Technique to name a few… not to forget to mention Silent Knight (of which I featured a few months ahead >( https://bubblemusicians.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/hello-world/#more-1 )

“Love Sex or What”

Vodpod videos no longer available.










What’s your name?

Cymarshall Law

What’s your ethnicity?

Born in England , Jamaican parents.. Black and Proud Lol

When did you get into hiphop?

about 8 years old around the time LL Cool J’s Im Bad came out , or Run DMC’s Christmas song.

Who are your influences?

My family , Slick Rick , Big Daddy Kane , KRS-ONE , Skit Slam , anyone with Soul!! like James Brown and Bob Marley…

How long have you been rapping?

11-12 years…

Do you do any other hip hop related things? DJ, Grafitti, BBoy?

I make beats when I have the time.

Do you consider yourself an underground artist because you want to be? Or would you prefer to cross over into mainstream? Why/why not?

As long as I have creative control call me what youd like , the only constant is change and I do. but to be more direct no i dont consider myself an underground artist , my music is for the masses , but that however has not made it become mainstream but it does have the potential to be that.

Do you find it harder to attract fans with your material? Why/Not?

No not really if people get a good chance to hear it , they usually like it thank the most high.

Do you enjoy any mainstream artists?

Sure , I like T.I. , Ludacris…D-Block , most Jay-Z , some 50 cent and more..

Who are your favorite underground artists?

I dont have any favorites , nobody is consistently in my ipod.

What is your opinion on the state of hip hop right now?

Chaos trying to find order , change , like a person who has lost themselves and desperatley trying to find themselves again.


SUPPORT @ http://www.myspace.com/cymarshalllaw And Cop An Album or Two!





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