Death of Autotune

Jay-Z claims DOA for Autotune

\”Jay-Z – D.O.A.\”


Unless you’ve been under a rock, obviously Jay-Z’s DOA has caused a little ROAR within the BEASTLY game of Hip Hop!  (lol)  It’s interesting to me that Kanye (who created a whole AUTOTUNE ALBUM) actually made the beat and T-Pain (who has a AUTOTUNE CAREER) co-signed its existence(?).  Personally, I both agree and disagree with the track for several reasons…

1) For starters, I agree because I’m sick of hearing singers that CANNOT sing utilize this tool to become famous. But..
2) For a songwriter such as myself, I think autotune is great to create DEMOs for REAL artists with true TALENT…
its just when I hear how it’s used to create an alternative sound, to drown out the horrible pitches that some people use it for, I get bothered… ver upset actually. As for the rap songs that use it, I’m just tired of the whole trend. So… I agree… (but also disagree…)

OF COURSE Jay now has people such as WebStar (? who cares) and Jim Jones (as usual) going at him… Webstar claims it was DIRECTED towards him and Ron Browz… I beg to differ and really doubt that Jay even thought of dude in the past year or so… I’m waiting for the MANY remixes and re-do’s (such as Wyclef Jean’s Mr. Auto-tune) …MUCH publicity and controversy to follow.. I already know.


What’s Your Thoughts?

Any Thoughts Bubbling Up Inside Ya???

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