Introducing Roscoe Wiki

Roscoe Wiki of Common Wealth Family

Roscoe Wiki of Common Wealth Family

Roscoe Wiki is an upcoming artist from Pennsylvania, One entity of the Common Wealth Family. Like many other artists I’ve come across that I may not have, MySpace was my first encounter with him. I heard his song “I Wanna Be a Rap Star” and was hooked! Many people like to describe an artist by comparing to other artists, but I try not to do that because there’s many things that contributes to the sound of an artist based upon their style, content, delivery, attitude, etc…. (but I will say the first time I heard him, I quickly thought “Lupe Fiasco”…” but after more evaluation, I now take it back.) He’s unique in his own lil’ way. So pop that bubble for an interview and a taste of his music!…


1.)What’s your name?

Roscoe Luther Rhoden Jr. But my stage name is Roscoe Wiki. Wiki was a nickname I was given when I was about 4 (BEFORE THERE WAS A WIKIPEDIA) and when I started really getting into making music I gave it the meaning “What I Keep Inside” because I used to really keep my music to myself and I felt like the music I’m making is and always will be a reflection of the feelings I have at the time.

2.)What’s your ethnicity?

I’m Egyptian, Ethiopian, German, British, and Native American. Most people call me black though.

3.)When did you get into hiphop?

Well I’ve been into Hip-Hop music since I was a tyke but i’ve been creating my own original pieces of Hip-Hop music since 15… that was 2005.

4.)Did you find any difficulty, or resentment from the hiphop community? why or why not?

Yes, any musician who intends to take his/her music to the level of becoming an artist with an image seeking to make money off of his/her music is going to be faced with resentment from the people who are observing. At first people saw it as me chasing a dream… but now that they see I’m serious and I’m out here doing my thing people support and they see what I’m doing isn’t a gimmick or just a hobby.

5.)Who are your influences?

I have too many to name. Anything I can nod my head to, I take influence from because I don’t consider myself a strictly hip-hop artist. I have songs where I don’t rap at all in them. My influences range from Jay-z, to Justin Timberlake, To Cobra Starship, To The Beatles, To Pharrell and above and beyond. I usually just listen to whatever I can nod my head to.

How long have you been rapping?

I’ve been rapping since the year 2005 and writing lyrics since 2002.

6.)Do you do any other hip hop related things? DJ, Grafitti, BBoy?

I’m trying to step my pop-locking game up… but as far as that goes, not really. Lol.

7.)Do you consider yourself an underground artist because you want to be? Or would you prefer to cross over into mainstream? Why/why not?

I would muchhhhh rather cross into the mainstream. Right now I’m in a space where I am dissatisfied with where I’m at and that’s never going to stop I’m always looking for ways to better myself but I want my music to effect the lives of millions… and that’s hard to do when Millions don’t even know your name. Even though PERCENTAGE WISE you may make more off of your music and you may “own your music” as an underground artist… I don’t care about owning my music, I just want people to listen and love it.

8.)Do you find it harder to attract fans with your material? Why/Not?

Not at all actually. As cocky as it sounds, I’m to the point where every time I play something for someone, 9/10 they are impressed with what they heard. People are constantly telling me i’m either better than whats on the radio right now or i’m just as good as whats on the radio right now.

9.)Do you enjoy any mainstream artists?

That’s all I listen to. I listen to what’s on the radio because that’s where I want my music to be one day. I like to listen to the music on the radio then go back and listen to my music, and my groups music the common wealth family, and compare and contrast… sometimes I ask myself “what are they doing that I’m not?” “are they reallllly that much better than me/us?”

10.)Who are your favorite underground artists?

I like to shy away from underground artists but there’s a few I like to listen to like Wiz Khalifa is dope he’s from my city Pittsburgh, Pa AND The cool kids are pretty good.

11.)What is your opinion on the state of hip hop right now?

I think it’s great. A lot of people wanna say “hip-hop is dead” blah blah blah… I think it’s great because a lot more barriers between hip-hop and other music genres such as pop and rock are being broken down. I feel like with my openness with all types of music I’m coming in at the right time with the right stuff!


P.S… the video above is about 2 years old, so if u feelin’ him, his new music is HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED!

 Roscoe Wiki is BUBBLING!

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  1. Roscoe Wiki says:

    thank you i truly appreciate this! bubble gets it poppin!

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