Bubble Popped!: Eminem vs Bruno


It may have been originated as a joke, but anyone could see from this photo that this was plain disrespect…
Tonight at the MTV Movie Awards, during one of the infamous skits and taunts to the celebrity-filled crowd, Bruno (aka Borat) landed directly on top of Eminem, cheeks exposed back-to-front and all…
Following the act, Em’s (assumed) bodyguards pushed the flying Bruno (and his angel wings) from off top of Eminem, swinging him back and forth, causing him to forget his lines but manage a “High School Musical” that gave Zac Effron the cue to return to the stage.
S. M. H.
Many people are attributing Em’s brief argument and departure afterwards to his temper, but I find it perfectly understandable. Besides that fact they picked ABSOLUTELY the wrongest person EVER to do that to, I find it hard to list a long line of males that would have found that funny, PLUS, we all know how Em’s known for his homophobia (not a diss-though problematic- its real life).
None-The-Less, the photo causes a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeat magnitude of laughter for me.


Eminem vs Bruno

Eminem vs Bruno



 I’m a huuuge fan of Eminem.  Ive managed to overlook all of his flaws (homophobia, violence, disrespect for women…) and accept him for who he is because that’s all you can do, really… at least for people that you don’t interract with on a daily basis.  When I heard of this new album, I was EXCIIITED because he hadn’t been out for YEARS.  Plus, I knew that he was just recovering from pill addictions, and I FIGURED this would be his best work YET!

In disappointment, it wasn’t.  I’m not going to say it’s his WORST, because to be honest, he has nothing to compare to as being “bad,” but it definitely isn’t his BEST! (mostly due to the lack of variance in his voice that i love..i.e., “I Am” vs. “Slim Shady”… as well as a lack of variance in topics, but I’d think that’s contributable to the concept of the album and the reason for its title….So with that said, of course it included all that we are used to such as his disturbing skits, his single that included his usual pop reference “We Made You” (that I like but don’t include it within my daily rotation….), “3AM” took a while for me to grow into, but I am a fan of it.  I think that if the beat had been more similar to the remix that Travis Barker did (  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN5aECC2Dzk ), it would’ve been easier for me to feel it originally… 

“My Mom” is a great song that gave insight into his life growing up with a mother that was on drugs, and this relation to his addiction to pills, and his new outlook on her and what she went through (but doesnt interest me much)… “Insane” is a good song too, but like many of the others, it’s going to take me a while to grow into.  The delivery is crazy and the rhythmical scheme is genius, the hook is catchy, but I think it’ll only be relevant for me when I’m feelin like chokin’ a… Other than that, it’s not an everyday banger for me… “Bagpipes from Baghdad” is the song that caused Nick Cannon to get all touchy-feely when he spoke about his past relationship with Mariah Carey ( http://bossip.com/109940/mr-carey-puts-eminem-on-blast/#more-109940 ), but other than that I may have just passed over it.  The beat is sick, and his delivery is impeccable but the content is like “blahh blahh” to me. 

It may be that I’m just missing his great story-telling aspect, which was definitely missing in this album… I will say that my favorite songs are “Stay Wide Awake,” “Old Time’s Sake”, “Tonya,” “Medicine Ball” [though a bit disturbing with all of the graphic female references] BUT THE BEST HAVE TO GO TO “Underground,” “My Darling,” and “Careful What You Wish For”… they’re pure genius!  Content, Hook, Story, Punchlines, Delivery… EVERYTHING that I love about Em.  It could be that this album is just Em naturally changing a bit as an artist, and I just need time to grow into the album.  …. but I do want to make it clear that this album IS worth purchasing. It’s just not what I expected.  And that’s not always a bad thing.  Though… if you’re searching for the “OLD” Eminem, you’re in for a slight surprise!


Eminem - Relapse

Eminem - Relapse

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