Rest In Peace Michael Jackson

     It’s definitely NO understatement… when people speak of the King of Pop, it’s without a doubt our very own Michael Jackson they’re speaking of… It’s a sad day for not only the music world, but for the humanitarian world, for a world full of people who was not only influenced by Michael, but who … Continue reading


If you don’t know about Slaughterhouse, then you oughta take notice now before they blow up!  (So that you can say “Oh, you just now gettin onto them? I been rokkin wit them for MONTHS, SON!”….lol)  But seriously, if there never was a super-rap-group before, there is now… Following in the footseps of the short-lived … Continue reading

RichGirl is Rich in Talent…. who knew?!

The first time I stumbled upon this group, I flipped the channel onto their premiere video that was embarking upon the second verse… I just couldn’t get into the song, and.. (like Elektrik Red) I wrote them off as pretty faces that couldn’t sing… But most recently, I was proven wrong… THEY ABSOLUTELY CAN SING… … Continue reading

What Is Going On? Ambulance Emergency Versus State Trooper!

There’s really no explanation for this… Normally I would say it was a race issue, but I believe it began because of stupidity on part of the officer, and escalated because emotions and tempers on both ends… (Let’s face it, certain people like to present an amount of control over others, and this obviously is … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur “Everyone’s afraid of the youth cause the truth look strange” – [Ghetto Gospel] Everybody knows him… but who really knew him?  From his legendary/revolutionary parents (stepfather) Mutulu and (mother) Afeni Shakur, Tupac Amaru Shakur was just as revolutionary through his many talents stretching from poetry to acting.  It’s amazing that over 10 years … Continue reading

WHOM shall we charge for this CRIME?!?!

I regret to announce to you that “Common has become a victim of hip-poppery!  It’s a hypocrisy!!!” – HipHopGodess I’m not against new ideas, and new sounds….. but COTDAYUMMNNIT! I’m at a loss of words, and will speak no further on the subject…. POP THAT BUBBLE IF YOU DARE

It’s So Coooold in the D!

Things just aren’t looking up for Chuck Hammy! (and I call him that because i like it, not because i consider it as a diss…)  I mean… I like him!  I guess I’d call myself a half-way fan… and I even respect him for not hitting ol’ girl back!  But this may be the FIRST … Continue reading

The Introduction of Marcus Cooper

This almost came from the left field for me… I’ve been into his song “Boyfriend #2” for some time now, but didn’t take the time to realize that he was releasing an album so soon.  So this week of release, I was very interested to see exactly what it is that he wanted to offer … Continue reading

Hip Hop Patrol: His name is CyMarshall Law

For those who may not know… CyMarshall Law Another artist I stumbled upon thanks to the (once) glorious Knitting Factory in Manhattan, NYC!  Cymarshall Law was born and raised by his Jamaican parents in the UK until they made the move to the US at his age of nine.  Just like any other move to … Continue reading

BlackBerry Molasses

Blackberry Molasses One of the things that never change You gotta keep pushin on The sun dont rain all the time Theres gonna be some heart ache and pain I remember loooooooooving this song!  And it wasn’t until recently that I found out/realized that Bobby Valentino was the lead singer in this song, within the group … Continue reading