New York Goes to “WorK”… again…

If I didn’t comment on this nonsense… I’d be doing the world an injustice…


Wackness Of The Week

Wackness Of The Week


I know sometimes it’s best to just IGNORE things like this.. but I can’t help it.  This new line of Celebrealities is simply amusing to me.  It’s possible that they have the better end of it all… They don’t make as much money as real celebrities, but they get the same amount of exposure, (without the papparazzi), they live in the semi-fast lane and many even grow a fan base.  I’m not saying that I support this craze, but it is an interesting fact.  BUT… sometimes it goes too far.  New York, for instance, is known for her over-dramatized, over-glamorized, overly-high-pitched-voice and her infamous tag of being the “HBIC”!

Now… I guess I should be honest and say that I actually haven’t watched a FULL episode of this new show.  But… after being an addict to Flavor Flav’s Flavor of Love and New York’s very own I Love New York, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve dealt with enough of her to understand what this show entails… It could possibly make for “good television” as all of these sleazy, cheezy, stereotypical “reality” shoes are known for, but still, nonetheless, (just as the rest of them) they do nothing for us other than contain pure comedy.  But sometimes comedy that comes from shows like these have no positive outcomes, but reinforce stereotypes that many people have been fighting against for years.  I find her whole image to be repulsive because of what she represents, how far she will play into this representation, and what it’s doing to our society.  If you don’t understand and this all seems too vague for you, what I’m speaking of mostly circulates around the role of women.  We’re already looked at as a commodity, and we battle daily stereotypes from videos, movies, and television.  “Reality” shows like this one does not give us a complex representation, but re-presents us as being a pretty face, with no smarts, golddigging, irrational and unintelligent.  What’s New?


That Is All

Your Bubble Has Been POPPED!!!

One Response to “New York Goes to “WorK”… again…”
  1. Cynthia says:

    New York is hilarious! You got to love her!

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