More Death, More Silence

Bubble NEWS

Bubble NEWS

It never fails.  I watch the news as often as possible, and I think I know what’s going on.  I hear about little girls kidnapped (lets be honest- we mostly hear about the white ones…), we hear about the war, about the econonmy, about smoking laws, gay rights, etc. which of course are always topics up for discussion because they are important within our society BUT RARELY do I hear about the many deaths within black communities, about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, about the fight for a change in gun laws… this is what’s killing our communities.. the poor communities.. the “lower-class”… So it’s never surprising when I learn of something late, but I am continuously disturbed when I learn about them….

In this instance, maybe it’s a bit side-tracked from the intro because it occurred at a dominant-white college, but the VICTIM was a black man…

His name was Justin Cosby, a 21-Year-Old student at Salem State College.  It was reported that the shooting occurred a few blocks down from his own campus, but on the Harvard Univeristy campus around 5pm, within the undergraduate dorm Kirkland House.  All of the information is still in the process of being compunded and released; at this time it remains a mystery who he was visiting, who killed him, and why.  At the press conference, his mother made it a priority to state that he was not gang-related and was a very kind-hearted person.  It’s always sad to think of situations such as these, especially when you know the person was striving for a future.  But I find that it’s always critical for black families to make light of this because the media has the tendency to dismiss a person if they were affiliated with such activites, (which I must admit does not help with the sympathy of the case), but also helps to de-sensitize the public’s reaction which I find unfair for the case of the victim’s family; a victim is a victim, a crime is a crime, and a death is a death no matter who is affected by it.

It amazes me how this story isn’t front page, cover story, and headline CNN News… but then again… it doesn’t…

For more info on the family and this case, visit:

I send my condolences.






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