Special Spotlight… This One’s For You

    UnPromised Time I used to make jokes about situations like this… Walking down the empty streets of my city, I’d run on the paved roads Laugh off how much money I’d get if a car would bump into my flesh- leaving me with Benjamin Franklins by the load But my thoughts never had any logic, … Continue reading

Bubbling Artist[S]!: Brave New Voices

  If you know me, you know that I’m a poet.  But more importantly than what I write, I’m inspired by others. I’ve been BEYOND inspired and enthralled for this art we participate in by all of these artists, and I wanted to make sure I shared this experience. From all over the United States, … Continue reading

Tinchy Stryder is Ooey Gooey

Of Ghanian origin, Tinchy Stryder is an East London grime artist. He’s witnessing his first number-one single as a solo artist [with his song “Number One” [which is adorable….

5th Element: Tommy Davidson drops… knowledge?

It wasn’t until recently (since this video) that I have began looking at comics by-way of their knowledge, and how they choose to present it to us… Granted, some do not present it at all, but if you look through the works of Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, and so on and so on, they’ve taught me a thing or two about life and the realities it presents….

More Death, More Silence

I watch the news as often as possible, and I think I know what’s going on. I hear about little girls kidnapped (lets be honest- we mostly hear about the white ones…), we hear about the war, about the econonmy, about smoking laws, gay rights, etc. which of course are always topics up for discussion because they are important within our society BUT RARELY do I hear about the many deaths within black communities, about the HIV/AIDS epidemic, about the fight for a change in gun laws… this is what’s killing our communities.. the poor communities.. the “lower-class”…

New York Goes to “WorK”… again…

I know sometimes it’s best to just IGNORE things like this.. but I can’t help it. This new line of Celebrealities is simply amusing to me. It’s possible that they have the better end of it all… They don’t make as much money as real celebrities, but they get the same amount of exposure….